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DFT – Critical Leg Of Russian Pipeline Into China Complete

DFT – British Farmers Warn Skyrocketing Costs Will Reduce Food Supply

Independent journalist Bari Weiss revealed on Thursday how Twitter used blacklists to limit the visibility of tweets coming from conservative users in the latest disclosure of the social media giant’s internal operations. Right-wing talk show host Dan Bongino, Stanford University’s anti-COVID lockdown advocate Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, and conservative activist Charlie Kirk were among the users targeted for suppression. Notice, no mention of Vox, who has a bigger real audience than Bongino and Kirk, I am sure. They give Bongino a million fake followers, give him fake traffic, and mention him in all the news stories. But if Bongino linked here, it would send 200 clicks. And the search blacklist she says Bongino temporarily had, I still had as of 11/24, despite not tweeting, though I just checked now and it was lifted.

Her original analysis is here. Though again, Musk is not revealing the actual documents, likely because it would be fascinating for each of us to see where somebody in Twitter, emailed somebody else, saying “You need to ban this guy for this reason.” In my case, the search ban would be doubly fascinating as I never used the account, so I never tweeted, and they should not have known who I was. Somewhere in those files it is likely there will be somebody who knew who I was in real life, who contacted twitter and said, “This guy is problematic because we know him, put a ban on his account.” Before I ever tweeted.

Some are pointing out that the photos she included in the thread, such as of Charlie Kirk’s backend profile page here with his “Do Not Amplify” status as a sort of badge……

Looks like a photo supposedly of a social backend featured in a Q post, implying Q had knowledge you would only expect somebody really in the game to have:

The problem is, the question with Q is not is he intel or not. He obviously is plugged in somewhere. The question is, is he an enemy psyop to make everyone sit on their hands, or is he really what he says. The above proves nothing either way.

On Twitter one question some anons are raising is, will any of these communications reveal the shadow banning was occurring across platforms? Will there be messages revealing that a tweet would provoke some central notification that would lead to a Youtube/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/TikTok/etc. shadow ban, as some reported. Was the government coordinating, as in FBI tapped the database to find all your social media accounts, and had them all de-boosted at once.

Of course Elon is only giving some of the data to two controlled journalists to tell us what the machine wants to say, to trick us back on twitter.

Musk on Twitter:

Twitter is working on a software update that will show your true account status, so you know clearly if you’ve been shadowbanned, the reason why and how to appeal

Think it will work if you are in China, anon?

Screenshots show Twitter mods could read your DMs. Just there for any employee to grab and send to a foreign intel agency. Imagine the blackmail on guys like Anthony Weiner, with his penis pics he was sending by DM to underaged girls. And why was his name so foreshadowing? Now you have to wonder if that was scripted.

Musk says important data which should be in the Twitter files has either been deleted, or hidden, and was hidden from Jack Dorsey.

Former Twitter employees have filed another lawsuit against the company, saying it laid off an unfair share of women workers.

A former FBI agent, Elvis Chan, revealed during the court hearings that the bureau held weekly meetings with major social media companies prior to the 2020 and 2022 elections.

FBI agent’s testimony implicates headquarters brass as running bureau’s social media censorship push. It does seem this script is pushing the FBI as political secret police. And as we noted before, I still do not see Bureau PR perp walks of real criminals, as if somebody told their PR department, “No pretending to be the good guys. You are now the heel in the script.”

The Justice Department reportedly subpoenaed Twitter for information about Tara Reade’s accounts in 2020 after she alleged that then-Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden sexually assaulted her when she was a Senate aide in 1993, newly released documents show.

Daniel Kimmage deposition by MO and LA AGs reveals State Department was funding online fact-checkers to censor speech.

Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX has ignored the Senate’s request for testimony, missing tonight’s deadline and setting up the possibility of a subpoena, per Axios. You do not want to know what he is doing with those clothes…

‘Shark Tank’ star Kevin O’Leary says $15 million payout from FTX was wiped out in crypto firm’s collapse. LOL. After buying $15 million of FTT tokens, he said to SBF, “Look Sam, I am just one investor, but my account has a zero in it, and there are no accounting records. Where did the money go? I need to find where the money went.”

Proxy war between skeptics, believers could be delaying UFO report. Article is behind a paywall, but the interesting part is in the title. If you are skeptical of UFO’s, why care about the report coming out? I think “The Others,” whoever or whatever they are, run intel ops on government, recruiting assets, to exert control, as would be expected of a sophisticated entity who at least traverses, and maybe resides on the planet with us, and our nuclear weapons. And I think the Government officials looking to stifle all study of UFO’s may actually know a lot more than their cover stories of being skeptics, would indicate. I will bet there are a few agents in our government, and they may even have met the drivers of the Tic Tacs. Also interesting is we seem to be overcoming their agents. To me that could indicate a greater power is opposing them, because I doubt we have the chops to resist their level of tech ourselves, if, as Elizondo said, the Tic Tacs are 50,000 to a million years more advanced than we are.

Felony warrant is out for Biden’s non-binary energy official for stealing luggage a second time.

ADL leader Greenblatt on Kanye – “If we don’t get him, the myth spreads.” Sounds like “they” intend to take Kanye out… who ever “they” may be.

A new Yahoo News/YouGov poll finds that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis now leads former President Donald Trump by 5 percentage points in the race for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. Fake poll, nobody leads Trump. But Trump’s team needs to do something about the elections before 2024. Even I see his brand getting melded with a twinge of sadness and depression now, feeling like he is the best candidate ever, and we are so close, but at present there will be no way to overcome the election rigging. If something new doesn’t shake loose between now and 2024, I do not see turnout exceeding 2020.

Buying the Presidency: George Soros dumps another $50,000,000 ahead of 2024 election.

Edward Snowden:

“The Drug Enforcement Administration is secretly deploying spyware from an Israeli firm,” writes the @NYTimes.

“The United States has played both arsonist and firefighter” in terms of digital security, funding a deadly bazaar for state hackers.

The DEA refused to answer questions about whether it used this (or other) spyware against Americans abroad, or about how the agency handled Americans’ information — messages, phone contacts or other records — that the agency “obtained” when using it against others.

Law Enforcement surveillance/intelligence might have been able to go on doing this forever, since most people think they are only chasing criminals. But when Cabal’s civilian network, and the fact it was even operational in schools, on innocent kids, using kids as spies/assets, comes out, everybody from FBI to local PD is going to feel the clampdown. None of this will remain, it will all be swept clean. FBI/DEA/DHS would have been smart to deal with the civilian-targeting shit, before it became the massive issue it is today.

Retired Green Beret Jeremy Brown’s attorney: FBI “planted” evidence in his trial. “During the raid, the FBI found two M67 fragmentation grenades and a compact disc containing numerous classified “Secret” documents from 2004 and 2005 involving Brown’s role in the Bowe Bergdahl POW recovery mission. Brown’s attorney claims it was planted.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday (Dec 7) to a lavish welcome, a move seen as a not-so-subtle reminder to the United States that the Saudis can forge other alliances, said an analyst.

A nonprofit group founded by twice-failed Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is raking in donations in at least nine states without license to do so, meaning it could face criminal investigations and fines.

Rand Paul vows GOP ‘not done’ with Fauci on COVID origins: ‘He’s been lying from the beginning.’

Al Roker is celebrating his return home after being readmitted to the hospital amid ongoing health issues.

A six-year-old girl who was a member of the Richmond Raven U7 girls hockey team from Richmond, British Columbia, died suddenly last month after suffering from a massive stroke.

22-year-old Colombian defensive midfielder dies suddenly after collapsing in training.

Tucker Carlson highlighted a story Wednesday concerning a New Jersey mother being told she is being “monitored” by local law enforcement at the behest of military personnel who didn’t like her social media posts questioning sexualisation of children in school.

President Joe Biden on Wednesday renewed vows to secure a new ban on assault weapons in the United States as he turns up heat on lawmakers to pass legislation before his party loses control of Congress next month.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced a barrage of questions Thursday about President Biden’s decision to release notorious arms dealer Viktor Bout as part of a prisoner swap for basketball star Brittney Griner — while leaving fellow Americans Paul Whelan and Marc Fogel behind. Whelan is most likely a CIA Espionage Fantasy Camp participant who thought he was serving his country, hence why they aren’t bothered by leaving him behind. One less operator they need to dream up fake NatSec activities for to keep him busy while the real players fly in drugs and migrants, rig elections, and launder cash through Ukraine.

NBC reported Russia made White House choose between Brittany Griner or Paul Whelan, Biden chose Griner – then NBC changed report.

President of the American Teacher’s Federation Randi Weingarten (the woman responsible for all the school lockdowns) said the quiet part out loud so we could get a clue: “Sure, Whelan is important. But Griner is a gay and black female. So it was REALLY important we bring her back.”

Donald Trump calls Joe Biden’s prisoner swap for Brittney Griner a ‘stupid and unpatriotic embarrassment.’

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In” that former President Donald Trump’s “corrupt and illegal acts” were inspiring coup attempts in Peru and Germany. Attempts? So he characterized both of these as wins for his side?

Minnesota anticipated current wave of auto thefts – then lawmakers scrapped a tool to fight it. The chaos is purposeful.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was fined in May 2022, it was recently revealed, after health inspectors found “fresh rat droppings” at his Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York, townhouse earlier this year. Was he getting out of line, and this was Cabal command reminding him they control everything? Do you just have to let the city in your house to poke around and fine you because there are rodent droppings in a basement or something? I don’t know enough about how it works there, but it sounds curious. And I think he was the mayor then, to boot.

Oregon law enforcement training agency looks to add training academies due to hiring surge. So they purged their law enforcement, made the job so dangerous, even from the DA’s office that nobody wants to be a Cop, and now they start a hiring surge. Who do you think is applying, and getting hired on?

Gov. Kathy Hochul weighs bill to let criminals work in New York casinos. Again, I think these might be Cabal flexing to criminals, showing them the power they have to make their lives easier, if they will just sign on as ground agents and support Cabal. I think they are trying to take the 12% or 14% of the population they have recruited into ground surveillance, the whatever it is, 20 million or 30 million of the 45 million illegals, and the criminals, and form them into an army to pit against the regular citizens if things go hot.

A 38-year-old Border Patrol agent was killed in Texas Wednesday morning during a high speed chase with illegal immigrants.

Omar Ashmawy, Chief of Congressional “ETHICS” office, returns to duty after crashing his car into Pennsylvania home while drunk.

St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones is appointing a reparations commission that will “recommend a proposal to begin repairing the harms that have been inflicted” by slavery, segregation and racism.

The House on Thursday passed the annual defense authorization bill, sending the mammoth, $847 billion measure to the Senate for consideration ahead of the year-end deadline.

Kirk Cameron is denied story-hour slot by public libraries for his new faith-based kids book.

Chicago grade school stands in “full support” of dean who was caught on video bragging about handing out butt plugs to elementary school children.

Portland officials say state-wide attacks on electrical substations were deliberate: SEVEN plants across America are sabotaged amid suspicion it’s a right-wing protest over drag events.

There were about 1.2 million same-sex couple households in the United States in 2021, according to recently released Census Bureau data.

First Gen Z congressman-elect, Maxwell Alejandro Frost, a community organizer who is set to take the seat of Rep. Val Demings (D) representing Florida’s 10th Congressional District, says he was denied a DC apartment, noting ‘really bad’ credit. And in a couple of years, he will be worth $30 million.

Affirmative action turns lives into tragedies. Doctor who got into medical school off affirmative action, went on to kill a patient, and “A tape made during his liposuction procedures finds “horrific screaming” by his patients as Chavis offers this bedside banter, “Don’t talk to the doctor while he is working,” and “Liar, liar, pants on fire.””

President Joe Biden announced a $36 billion bailout for the Central States Pension Fund, one of the nation’s biggest multi-employer plans, touting the help for union workers and retirees as he looks to mend ties with organized labor after a contentious rail deal.

House sends marriage equality bill to Biden’s desk.

Australia offers Indonesia $1 billion to aid COVID-19 recovery. Somehow that will be routed right into Cabal bank accounts.

Google has to delete search results about people in Europe if they can prove that the information is clearly wrong, the European Union’s top court said Thursday. Of course “clearly-wrong” will turn into “mis-information,” which will turn into simply “inconvenient for the politically connected.”

In Kosovo, majority Muslim administration sent Police into Serb north, now Serbia is threatening to send its Police into Kosovo.

In New Zealand, parents opt not to challenge state seizure of their baby over their desire for unvaccinated blood to be used during the baby’s surgery, saying the surgery need is too urgent and there is not enough time to litigate.

A confession by former German chancellor Angela Merkel that the Minsk peace agreements were a trick to give Ukraine time to build up a military force to threaten Russia, could be used as evidence in a tribunal involving Western politicians responsible for provoking the Ukraine conflict between Moscow and Kiev, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned on Thursday.

Who is Heinrich XIII, the self-styled prince at the heart of the far-right coup plot in Germany? I do not see how anybody in the game thinks they could pull anything like this off against Cabal’s intel/surveillance op. For those who think they might be running the pre-WWII script, from the end of the article – “With some historical symmetry, Heinrich was arrested almost 100 years after the Beer Hall Putsch, a failed coup by Hitler’s Nazi Party in Munich on Nov. 8-9, 1923. Hitler failed and was imprisoned for five years, a period in which he wrote his manifesto-cum-memoir “Mein Kampf.” But it helped bring the Nazis to wider public attention and laid the groundwork for what was to come.”

Biden to hold meeting with American oil and gas producers to ask them to help Ukraine​.

Ukrainian fighter pilot shoots “bloody” selfie after ejecting from aircraft, while he is parachuting down, in the middle of the night. I have never seen such fake blood in all my life. And as someone on FR pointed out, you do not do radio emissions when you eject. SERE means you immediately go into hiding mode and limit radio transmissions. But this dude has a cell phone and decides to turn it on and shoot a selfie. I am actually more embarrassed our propaganda is this bad, than outraged our side is doing propaganda.

A Russian official says that NATO was aware of Ukraine’s plans for the recent drone attacks on Russian airbases and that the attacks could have created a serious nuclear security threat.

Drone for attempt to strike at Russia was modernized with US participation.

Ukraine debt relief included in US defense bill approved by US House – 176 Republicans vote for the bill. Applies to hundreds of billions Ukraine has borrowed to wage war on Russia. (Which was likely routed to Cabal.)

Judge places hold on Oregon gun law; state to appeal.

Seven more Republicans vow to oppose Kevin McCarthy.

President Joe Biden’s approval rating among independents is below 30 percent as he considers launching a reelection campaign in the coming weeks.


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Data analysts question how 25 percent of Arizona voters flipped to oppose Trump candidates despite GOP voter registration advantage.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer colluded with federal agency, CISA, to censor election critics – The Gateway Pundit mentioned by name.

Kari Lake says she will file a lawsuit this Friday.

Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel unequivocally endorsed mail-in balloting Tuesday, distancing herself from former President Donald Trump on an issue that is fracturing the GOP in the wake of disappointing election results this fall. Ronna McRomney strikes again. Mike Lindell or bust.

Zeldin says he will not challenge McDaniel for RNC chair. Says Ronna should not hold the post.

Supreme Court unconventionally split on state court’s election authority case. Kavanaugh, Barret, and Roberts are joining in a “moderate” block looking for middle ground, which only ignores the Constitution a little.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated that with a 51-seat margin in the Senate, Democrats will now have subpoena power in the chamber, so “we can subpoena all kinds of corporate bad deeds, climate bad deeds, all kinds of other things,” and the extra seat is “a dramatic change in the Senate.”

Former President Trump hosted prominent QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin at his Mar-A-Lago club in Florida on Tuesday night.

Taylor Swift came close to finalizing a sponsorship deal worth over $100 million with FTX, the massive crypto exchange that just imploded into bankruptcy, The Financial Times reports.

Jack Dorsey calls on Elon Musk to make ‘everything public now.’

Twitter set up a portal for government officials and “stakeholders” to submit posts that allegedly contained COVID-19 misinformation for Twitter to review, according to documents released by America First Legal (AFL) on Tuesday. Back at the end of October, it was reported that all the major tech companies were linked up with federal agencies, and had gien them all portals to ban whatever speech they wanted.

The city of San Francisco is reportedly investigating Elon Musk for converting some office space inside Twitter’s headquarters into sleeping quarters for employees.

Journalist suggests that publishing Hunter Biden emails was ‘a plain copyright violation.’

Kash Patel:

Truth Bomb of the day- the FBI had weekly meetings with Titter, Fakebook, and Scroogle to censor info in run up to 2020 election- that means it was authorized by Bill Barr and Chris Wray- when are they getting subpoenaed for allowing the biggest disinfo op in US history to rig a presidential election. Always get the Truth at #FWK

Catherine Herridge:

New letters GOP incoming house oversight chairman @JamesComer to senior Twitter execs Gadde, Roth Baker (former FBI GC) “to testify at a public hearing.”

Glenn Greenwald:

By now, the evidence is overwhelming that the US Security State is heavily involved in pressuring Big Tech to censor.

Zuckerberg said this. Twitter execs admitted it. Tons of documents prove it. Only liberal journalists and Dem functionaries try to put this in doubt.

Mike Davis:

Fired Twitter attorney Jim Baker may have a serious legal ethics problem here.

Was he was working against his client, by covering up his own misconduct?

The CIA is withholding evidence that it knew Lee Harvey Oswald, the “lone gunman” who allegedly killed then-US president John F. Kennedy in 1963, was involved in anti-Cuban covert ops just months before the assassination, journalist Jefferson Morley has claimed.

File under extraordinary coincidences:


Julie Kelly on Twitter:

So not only did FBI have at least 8 informants embedded in Proud Boys before Jan 6, its leader was working with DC Metro Police to let them know the group’s plans that day.

They don’t want him called by the defense of the victims in the gulag

DOJ now strong-arming cop, threatening to charge him if he testifies for defense:


A top FBI official has stepped down just as House Republicans have announced plans to investigate recent operations and actions at the bureau.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is disgusted by Kanye West’s vile declarations of love for Nazis — admitting he was shocked by his “homoerotic” Adolf Hitler “fetish.”

Nick Fuentes on Telegram – “Just got banned from another bank. That’s the fifth one.” He was riding high, until he received like 17 bitcoins in a donation, which Crazy Days and Nights said he was supposed to break up and pass on to a bunch of other “influencers.” He kept all the coins for himself, and got in progressively more and more trouble after that. Still, frightening you can get debanked in America, for any reason.

Authorities said the person who would later kill five at a Colorado gay nightclub was on the FBI’s radar a day before being arrested for threatening to kill family members but agents closed out the case just weeks later. Kind of like James Woods gave a tip about a bunch of Muslims who looked like they were going to hijack his plane.

Gross incompetence in prison preceded brutal killing of Whitey Bulger, watchdog finds.

Chinese students invent coat that makes people invisible to AI security cameras.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is under a House ethics investigation, according to a statement issued by the House Committee on Ethics on Wednesday. They won’t say what it is about, but her shuffling money around in PACs has been an issue.

Sir Rod Stewart’s 11 year old son Aiden was rushed to hospital in an ambulance with a suspected heart attack after he collapsed at a football match.

Australia’s peak actuarial body has asked the government to urgently investigate the country’s “incredibly high” 13% excess death rate in 2022.

COVID cases surging in LA County as possible return of indoor mask mandate looms.

A major new autopsy report has found that three people who died unexpectedly at home with no pre-existing disease shortly after Covid vaccination were likely killed by the vaccine.

The FDA is being sued by Dr. Paul Marik of Virginia, Dr. Mary Bowden of Texas and Dr. Robert Apter of Arizona for illegally prohibited them from prescribing Ivermectin (IVM) to their covid patients.

Emails reveal Fauci ‘covertly contributed’ to COVID article he later quoted as independent confirmation of his position Covid did not come from a lab.

“The people who are under the age of 50 who took the vaccine now have a 49% higher mortality rate.”

New Zealand court strips parents of child’s medical guardianship in dispute over ‘vaccinated blood.’

The FDA needs a messaging campaign to ease gay, bisexual men into blood donation: Medical experts.

Health experts in conundrum over best way to avoid winter ‘tripledemic’/RSV, Covid-19 and flu.

Live attenuated influenza vaccine enhances colonization of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus in mice.

Two Democratic congressional committee chairs have co-authored letters to the State and Defense departments on Tuesday asking for an array of records on Jared Kushner’s family business, raising concerns about his financial interests as he influenced the Trump administration’s foreign policy in the Persian Gulf. Clearly they will go after everything Trump now. Hopefully Trump has a plan which leads back to the White House and destruction of everything. But until I see any sign the voting has been cleaned up, it is looking like we are all fucked.

Disney CEO Bob Iger: Those of us in positions to influence laws, shape culture ‘have an extra responsibility’ to push gun control.

President Joe Biden spoke at the 10th Annual National Gun Control Vigil Wednesday night and assured attendees he is still pushing to “limit the number of bullets than can be in a cartridge.”

Two women sued Apple in California federal court on Monday charging that the tech company did not do enough to prevent them from being stalked with the use of its AirTags.

Ted Cruz’s bi daughter OK after rushed to hospital following incident of self0-harm, rep says. You have to factor in, once you send your kids to any school, public or private, they will be surrounded by Cabal kid-agents, as well as a decent number of mentally ill-woksters. I would imagine for any working parent it is going to be exceedingly difficult to counteract all the stimuli they will be exposed to in that environment for eight or nine hours each day. My own impression is Cruz is in the network, but even that does not mean the local Cabal commander, or even a random, nutty wokester will not decide they have a hard-on for him, and decide to give his kid a rough ride anyway. For some reason, I look at her and if feels like this was something which didn’t have to happen, but also something that could not be stopped if you sent her among other kids, because those other kids, are not always only other kids.

According to a BBC analysis of 10 years of data from the Gallup World Poll, women are getting angrier. Increase r-selection, and females become the aggressive, territorial, and physically combative sex.

The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms is reportedly planning to destroy a number of firearms from Operation Fast and Furious ten years after the scandal took place.

New busload of migrants (illegal aliens) from Nicaragua dropped off at Kamala Harris’ DC home after trip from Texas.

Walmart CEO warns that retail giant could HIKE prices or shut down some stores if ‘historically high’ thefts at the chain continue and prosecutors’ lax approach to dealing with criminals is not corrected.

Democrats block potential release of documents on FBI’s secret forms used to strip gun rights.

Project Veritas – Joseph Bruno, @fwparker Dean of Students at a Chicago High School caught on camera bragging about providing his students with “dildos and butt plugs.” The video doesn’t show it that well since it was a hidden camera and was shot too low, but the still on the youtube below shows immense nasolabial lines of disgust, which he is trying to hide with a moustache:

Letter from FBI former head of the LA field office, Ted Gunderson, about some kind of organized knapping ring taking children, which the FBI would not investigate. Interesting in that he alleges a criminal organization which controls the ability of Federal Law Enforcement to investigate, ala Irah Sok. You wonder if the grabbed kids had Postal Service Trucks of Death stationed outside their homes. The whole thing could have a strong selective breeding aspect, with the elites looking to create just the right kind of cattle – smart, productive, programmable, but not prone to think for themselves. Things like this might just be culling the herd, given it appears to be operating under Cabal-protection here:

Philly Voice published a new piece this week detailing the veterinary sedative xylazine, also known as “tranq”, which is now being “pervasive” in the drug scene and is mixed with fentanyl.

Police are warning the public amid a spike in violent “bank jugging” robberies across Southern California which involves thieves staking out potential victims in bank parking lots and then following them to their next destination to rob them. Be surveillance aware.

Jordan Peterson has made it his mission to ban anonymity on the internet to combat “anti-Semitism” and silence “anonymous troll demons.”

Banks should fund community development in Black communities, support the education of the next several generations of Black students and take other steps to atone for the role they played financing and supporting slavery in America, witnesses told a House committee hearing organized by Democrats on Wednesday.

Five electricity substations in Oregon and Washington are attacked just days after two in North Carolina were shot up causing widespread power outages. Somebody is putting the power out, and it may not be local vandalism.

A cartel leader and hitman fond of videotaping torture sessions and decapitating his enemies has gone missing from a federal prison in Florida, where he was serving a 49-year sentence. “… had been mysteriously removed from the federal Bureau of Prisons web site…  now listed as “not in BOP custody” even though his release date is not until July 27, 2056.” Might know stuff about the real conspiracy, like Kiki Camarena.

Brazil’s government-elect of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will revoke decrees made by President Jair Bolsonaro that have eased access to firearms and is considering banning or taxing guns when it takes office in January, a senior Lula aide said on Wednesday.

Developing: Brazilian military in “firefights with commandos and Marxist guerillas.” Q’s “The military is the only way” seemed unlikely looking at the US’s wokefest military. But it would be funny if he meant the Brazilian military was the only way to get a foothold to reveal the Dominion machines are corrupt and untrustworthy, or something like that.

Peru’s President Pedro Castillo announced on Wednesday that he will dissolve Congress temporarily and install an emergency government – hours before lawmakers were due to make an impeachment vote in congress.

Peru’s president impeached, arrested. Likewise, although this might not be it, the first arrest wouldn’t have to be American.

Then again:

German government arrested 25 members of a right wing group it claims intended to violently raid parliament and install a right wing government by force. Color me doubtful.

Poland plans to draft 200,000 for military training next year. When I was young, I thought if the nation needed to be defended, this was perfectly reasonable. Now I just think it is a way those in charge weed out the potential threats to their power structure and kill the more virile, capable specimens before they figure out how things work.

US transferred about 700 combat vehicles to Poland, including Abrams tanks.

Pope Francis: Russia’s war on Ukraine ‘repeats’ Jewish Holocaust. Even the Pope is “with intelligence.”

After careful consideration, Time picked Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy as its selection for Person of the Year. The degree to which intelligence and Cabal have taken over everything, turning it into a unified intelligence/propaganda machine is unfathomable. And Zelensky is literally an actor playing a role, no less.

2023 National Defense Authorization Act includes $37 billion for Ukraine making the total app. $150 billion in 9 months. Putin is brilliant. By waiting, he is draining our treasury, emptying our arsenals, and then once we are impotent, he will take Kiev.

US did not encourage or enable Ukraine to strike inside Russia, Blinken says. Interesting, that for all their posturing, and all the moves indicating they might want global war with Russia, Ukraine goes off script and does something dumb which could trigger a world war, and they are all tripping over each other to try and back away from it.


Based Mel in real life is a lot deeper than what I associated him with, from the roles I have seen him play:

Texas Governor Abbott bans TikTok on state devices. 

Progressives, GOP succeed in blocking Manchin’s pipeline deal from national defense bill.

Judge orders Southwest Airlines to reinstate flight attendant fired for expressing pro-life views.

Country singer John Rich announces alternative to liberal, cancel culture banks – ‘Old Glory Bank.’ The bank is called Old Glory Bank and its being led by Rich, conservative commentator Larry Elder, and Dr. Ben Carson, former 2016 presidential candidate.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) has announced he will run against current minority leader Kevin McCarthy for the position of House Speaker.

“If a firearm is in common use today, it cannot be banned. The rifles banned by Maryland are among the most popular firearms in the country,” a group of Marylanders and national gun rights groups said in a filing before oral argument Tuesday in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit as they sought to overturn the state’s assault weapons ban.


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Gunprime is giving away almost 4 grand in stuff, including a 9mm, an AR, a shotgun, ammo, mags, an optic, some plates. You can get up to 5 free entries just by going to the link, and clicking to view five pages, including Gunprime’s main page, their youtube, etc. If you have an audience, you can also get additional entries by linking to it yourself. I had an account there, and have bought stuff from them, and can vouch, they are a no-drama shop with some of the best prices you will find. You pay, they ship, and fast.

Lots of foot and posted surveillance in this video of a run through Portland on motorized skateboards:

Raphael Warnock beats Herschel Walker in GA Senate runoff.

Ray Epps and Baked Alaska seen together in video from November 2020 two months before Jan. 6. Cabal ground assets. For ten points, what is Ray Epps doing here as he does this walk-by in the video by the person now filming him (hint: he is holding his phone oddly, and turns away when noticed – LOL):

To those who didn’t need the hint, you are becoming more dangerous than any militia guy. It is really a perfect synopsis of the entire public political debate and everyone in it. Second video down on the page, you can play count the open windows on the super slow drive-bys. By the time those protests are done, Cabal has enough tape from enough angles to cut a short film at Sundance. And everyone there who is not Cabal is ID’d and placed in a “potential threat” file. It is wild, because when I was kid, they acted like participation in the governmental process by citizens, even just protesting, was like civic duty. But all along, do it, and you are this super-threat they are going to need to deal with. Cannot believe how clueless I always was.

AFL has obtained new documents uncovering a secret Twitter portal U.S. Govt officials used to censor dissenting COVID-19 views and violate the First Amendment.

Elon Musk fired deputy general counsel Jim Baker over his involvement in suppressing information important to the public. Our man, “satan’s champion.” He will save us. Matt Taibbi revealed Musk ordered the release of the Twitter communications about Hunter’s laptop to two reporters (and not us), one of the reporters discovered Baker went through the files, removing some apparently, without Musk’s approval, and Musk fired him for it. And that is all assuming the whole thing was not scripted, just to reinforce the ideas that Musk is in a fight with the old guard, and he is our guy, so we should all go back to Twitter.

Elon Musk slams Wikipedia over ‘left-wing bias.’ He hates left-wing bias!

In a cryptic tweet shared with his 107.9 million followers, Elon Musk declared: “Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app.” Twitter 2.0 is going to take a page from the Chinese WeChat – get everyone on it, turn it into the app you use to pay for everything, and which every seller will only accept payment from, then once everyone is trapped and needs it just to buy and sell stuff, clamp down, so saying the wrong thing means you will not be able to buy food to feed your family. But first, they need to bring every conservative back to it, and how better to do that than to have our champion running it and owning the libs for us, on it, every day.

James Woods says goodbye to Twitter, says he’s going to go enjoy life. 180 IQ big brain, no joke. He knows the deal.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink ‘botched experiments’ with monkeys – former employee tells malpractice led to brain hemorrhaging, and internal lab notes show animals were kept alive while suffering.

Big tech censorship is the largest campaign finance violation in history costing Americans billions and potentially trillions. When I was a kid, a TV station couldn’t give five minutes more to one candidate than another, or it was a huge violation of law. Now you have social media companies banning the President and all his followers, and pushing the opposition’s agenda.

Supreme Court considers limiting judicial scrutiny in U.S. elections.

January 6th Committee announces criminal referrals, meaning Donald Trump may get an indictment.

Special counsel Jack Smith has subpoenaed local election officials in Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Pennsylvania, asking for communications with or involving former President Donald Trump, his 2020 campaign aides and a list of allies involved in his [alleged*] efforts to try to overturn the results of the election.

FBI ramps up spending to fight MAGA terrorism.

Google Photos tests new search function to let you find people by their face.

A Congressional Gold Medal ceremony on Tuesday honoring Capitol Police and Metropolitan Police officers who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was not without awkwardness as honorees visibly avoided handshakes with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy during a receiving line, after exchanging warm greetings with Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer.

Very strict protective order recently filed over Paul Pelosi attack evidence.

Kanye West calls on Jews to ‘forgive Hitler’ in Proud Boys interview.

Anti-Semitic hate crimes in NYC soared 125 percent in November. Again, did they, or is this just the show, and those were Cabal agents launching attacks to create this atmosphere? Either way, the attacks seem a part of the broader, scripted future, which appears presently to be Cabal’s plot.

Jim Cramer calls it –

“Everyone’s decided there’s going to be a recession. I don’t see the recession coming. I think the Fed’s being very deliberate. I’m exhausted by the negativity.”

UK oncologist warns of cancers rapidly developing post-Covid vaccination – “I am experienced enough to know that these are not coincidental.”

Top Marine Corps General admits COVID-19 vaccine mandate has led to  decline in military recruitment. Here it makes sense, as the ones who go in are not questioning orders at all, and our kind is being weeded out. It will make using the military against the population a lot easier, with a lot less uncertainty.

Bill Gates will join Fauci this week to dictate U.S. government health ‘priorities for the future.’

Huge wave of liberal men are getting vasectomies to protest overturning Roe v Wade. The Eugenical forces definitely favor us.

U.S. House delays passage of same-sex marriage bill – now expected to be attached to an unrelated defense bill that is still under discussion by House and Senate negotiators.

Authorities respond to Sen. Ted Cruz’s Houston home after reports of daughter’s “self-inflicted stab wounds.”

Hertz to pay $168 million for falsely reporting stolen vehicles causing customers to be imprisoned.

Democrats are trying to load up a defense bill with unrelated items, jeopardizing the passage of legislation that has passed for more than 60 years on a bipartisan basis.

Did an alien called Vrillion hack into British TV 45 years ago? Interesting in that hacking the TV signal would seem the type of thing only an intel operation would be capable of doing, so it kind of feels like a Q-op to see how minds were affected, or maybe early MK Ultra. However the whole thing has many themes we see today. An alien from another dimension instead of another planet, telling humanity we are about to have a great “awakening,” and there are many more entities living around our planet than our scientists are telling us, we have seen them in our skies, and now we will enter a new age of enlightenment, and there are evil people which harvest our energy, as money, and use it for evil ends, and we need to fight them. In fact there are so many coincidences, I would say either this was intel trying out some sort of manipulation, and the Q-stuff we see today is a more refined element of this same material, or, as strange as it would be, this was the tic-tac crew reaching out to humanity. You can’t rule anything out today. Video of Vrilion broadcast at the link, and full transcript here.

An anon posted a pic to 4Chan he said was a real photo of a Tic Tac, and he added it always gets banned in seconds, and sure enough it was not there for more than 30 seconds or so, and it was gone. Looks easily faked to me, but very cool too. Pic:

The interesting thing is, if there is a time-distortion bubble, and we are moving slow, then they are moving very fast in there, you would expect it to be blurred, since hovering smoothly in real time, with slow moves one way or another would happen so fast it would be a blur. Of course it would be getting three seconds worth of photons over say 20 minutes, which would make it darker in there, though we would be getting 20 minutes of darker light in 3 seconds, so it would even out for us, assuming relativistic effects weren’t somehow screwing up that logic. I’d have to think about that more.

Scientists are working on an official ‘alien contact protocol’ for when ET phones Earth.

Astonishingly, Canada is now euthanizing 10,000 of its citizens a year – and some of the horrific stories of its ultra-permissive policy will horrify you.

Queen, suffering from bone marrow cancer, her husband dying, was ‘devastated’ by Harry and Meghan’s betrayal.

Iranian students allegedly poisoned ahead of mass anti-regime protest.

More Chinese secret police stations reportedly found, prompting call for consulate closures.

China’s satellite coverage in the Western Pacific has doubled since 2018, the Pentagon reported last week in its annual assessment of the Chinese military, giving China the ability to detect American surface ships with an array of sensors that can guide its 2,000 land-based missiles to moving targets, including US aircraft carriers.

U.S. no longer supports fight for Crimea.

Ukraine without power again after latest Russian strikes.

Hungary blocks $18 billion aid package for Ukraine, puts NATO status at risk.

Rep. Adam Smith: calls for oversight of Ukraine aid are ‘Russian propaganda.’ It is like hearing that ATF guy tell Irah Sok’s brother what was going on had nothing to do with him, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and everything that happened was just one big one-in-a-million coincidence. The moment I heard that, the tone of his voice, the way he said it, you could tell it was bullshit and he was. trying to guide the guy away from the reality. This tells you Smith knows exactly where that money is going.

US defense bill authorizes more Ukraine and Taiwan aid.

Support slipping for indefinite U.S. aid to Ukraine, poll finds.

Philadelphia gas station owner Neil Patel hired security guards with AR-15s to deal with all the “nonsense, drug trafficking, hanging around, [and] gangs” endangering his employees.

Defense bill to require Pentagon to rescind military “vaccine” mandate in major GOP victory.

Spread r/K Theory, because the book about it rocks.