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DFT – Yellen Warns Of Financial Catastrophe If Debt Ceiling Is Not Raised

DFT – European Regional Air Carrier Flybe Heads For Bankrupcy

DFT – TotalEnergies CEO Predicts Tight LNG Market In 2023

DFT – Belgium Opposes Russian Diamond Sanctions

DFT – Norway Discovers Massive Mineral And Rare-Earth Deposit

The Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force’s most recent executive director, Jay Lanham, told the Washington Examiner on Thursday that the 20-year task force which targeted MS-13 had been suddenly disbanded Jan. 1, a dissolution he blamed on anti-police sentiment. He cannot fathom our government was infiltrated by an intel op, or that the op would end up putting the government and MS-13 on the same team against the real Law Enforcement Officers. This does not make it look like Patriots are in control though. It looks more like Q was BTFO in 2020, and now is scrambling as Cabal rides high.

Second Hunter Biden email from laptop with classified information uncovered – and more are coming.

RINO Rep. Nancy Mace is going to bat for Rep. Ilhan Omar, trying to save her from being booted off of the House Foreign Affairs Committee over her alleged anti-Semitic statements. Intel assets working for the same command structure.

Chris Pronger, a Hockey Hall of Fame defenseman, recalls his ‘scary’ cardiac event.

Moab Valley firefighter dies from off-duty unknown cardiac event.

Millennials in West see 70% increase in strokes.

A new study by U.K. researchers reveals deaths are continuing to reach extraordinarily high numbers and have now soared to 26 percent higher than pre-pandemic levels, new data has revealed. 

Europe reported 35% excess deaths in the last week for which full data was available.

Military operatives in the UK’s ‘information warfare’ brigade were part of a sinister operation that targeted politicians and high-profile journalists who raised doubts about the official pandemic response.

Dr. Robert Malone: “I’m convinced that Tony Fauci is intelligence community trained and that he is deeply embedded in the intelligence community and has been for a long time.” More:

“As I listen to him over time and recall his behavior patterns, they mirror what I observe from my CIA colleagues who are CIA trained. People that come through the training from the intelligence community and live in that community, they develop, early on what I called ‘The Noble Lie’, Plato’s Noble Lie. The people responsible for managing the state, or the community, it’s appropriate for them to lie about some things in the interests of the common good.”

“But in Tony’s case, and for many of my CIA colleagues, when I interact with them, I have to assume that every single thing they’re telling me is a lie, and truth is buried in there in little fragments. The challenge is to pick out what is the truth, what are the sensitive topics that they’re trying to cover with lies.”

“I have a friend who is one of the founders of the Pandas Group in South Africa, who gave us a great metaphor: ‘You can tell where the sensitive topics are because functionally they erect an electric fence around them, and anywhere you get close to one of those sensitive topics you get a shock: they’ll attack you, they’ll defame you, they’ll say something.'”

“OK those are the indicators of where the hot topics are that they’re trying to cover up. And they’ll use all these all these methods like ‘The Limited Hangout’, etc, it’s like a shell game, a razamataz, ‘oh look over here, this is really interesting over here!’, meanwhile the actual thing is over here that they don’t want you to pay attention to.”

“So Tony is very much like that. He behaves like he’s a member of the intelligence community (whether or not he is), and he lies all the time, and you have to recognize that. And then, what you can do with that, once you get your mind wrapped around the fact that you’re dealing with liars, all the time, they’re very skilled at it, and they’re very strategic in how they lie, then you can use that to start to discern truth, and you can things like trapping them in lies, and watch and figure out where these hot topics are that they try to distract from, you’ll notice this in Tony’s communications all the time, if someone is even slightly, you know, trying to be a journalist, and ask him some question that he doesn’t want to answer, he’ll immediately divert, like the most experienced politician would. He’s a master at this. He’ll immediately throw something out there to distract you over here, so that you’re distracted from whatever the question was that you were seeking. He just lies.”

Twitter staff can tweet from any account in ‘GodMode’ because loopholes weren’t closed after Bitcoin scam hack, former engineer reportedly says.

Chelsea Clinton tweets “Fly Eagles Fly!” Supposedly for the team.

Jill Biden tweets “Fly Eagles Fly!”

Empire State Building tweets “Fly Eagles Fly!”

Q had said tweets about eagles had something to do with Bill Clinton, whose code name was Eagle. Then he added “FlyEaglesFly.” Don’t ask me if there is some meaning there. I don’t get these hidden messages, given it seems all of them could have a myriad of meanings:

The Climate Imperative Foundation is the newest and richest anti-hydrocarbon, anti-natural gas group you’ve never heard of and according to the latest report from Guidestar, the group took in $221 million in its first full year of operation. Evidence of secret coordination. The billionaires funding it all got their orders, and in one year, a quarter of a billion just appeared in its account. And that money had nothing to do with rich people worried about the planet gaining a degree over the next 100 years.

The Memphis police chief tasked with investigating the killing of Tyre Nichols was fired from her previous job over a botched child pornography probe of a female sergeant’s husband after the unit received pictures of him with underage girls. The husband later pled guilty to one count of producing child pornography after the FBI took on the case. Not sure what that means. Was she Cabal protecting a trafficking operation that a few honest FBI finally took down? Was FBI forced to take it down due to publicity?

U.S. taxpayers will be on the hook for $30 million in new cooperative grant funding to reduce plastic pollution in India.

Connecticut egg farm fire kills 100,000 chickens, officials say.

Not even worth watching, but I feel like I have to document it, because we are approaching peak clownworld, and if future generations don’t see the video, they will not believe it. A chubby 59 year old tranny who never skated decided he identified as a female and a figure skater, and the European Skating championships decided to hire him as a virtue signaling pawn to be the centerpiece of their opening ceremony. It went about as well as you would imagine. I used to look for the stuff which would really make readers go “Wow, I would never have thought it could be that bad.” But lately as I encounter worse and worse stuff, I find myself actually passing by the worst stuff, because some of these horrors are just too much.

There is now an AI program which will let you feed in voice samples, and then give it text and it will speak it with the voice you trained it on. 4Chan is having fun making various people say outrageous things.

Bizarre moment Melbourne’s Fed Square becomes a battleground for ethnic violence as Sikh separatists attack Hindu protesters with sticks while chanting ‘death to India.’

British teenager who made far-right videos ‘influencing’ Buffalo shooter jailed for 11 years.

Israel is poised to speed up gun applications in response to a shooting in East Jerusalem over the weekend that left seven people – including a 70-year-old woman – dead.

Israel was behind the bombing of an Iranian military facility Sunday, a report released Sunday afternoon claimed.

Monday morning Chinese ships and aircraft approached Taiwan in an action that is happening daily.

Top US General sees war with China in the next two years.

Now that it has gotten tanks, Ukraine wants us to give it jets, submarines, and long-range missiles.

Every dollar the U.S. throws at Ukraine zaps resources from our own depleted military.

Providing new tanks to Ukraine won’t change the reality on the ground of the current conflict with Russia, according to retired Army Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis, who claimed the United States has “no plan” or strategy and warned of the real-world danger of invoking NATO’s “mutual defense” clause, which would trigger a nuclear war.

“That’s called World War III”: NATO to send first 24 fighter jets in “new chapter in the supply of weapons.”

Ukrainian HIMARS strike left four people dead and five wounded in Russia’s Zaporozhye region.

Moscow accuses Kiev of ‘war crime’ in Donbass after fourteen people were killed and over 20 injured after Ukrainian forces struck a hospital using a US-made HIMARS system.

Some on 4Chan think Germany is sharing Nazi messaging with Ukraine by offering them 14 tanks now, and 88 when they are done. 14/88 is awfully coincidental.

Rand Corp says Ukraine is damaging the West and we need to get out fast and end it.

Russia to produce fifth generation Kalashnikov AK-12 which  has been upgraded in light of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine.

Wagner wants American patriots to join its ranks. Says we can help fight the evil of Globohomo before it destroys our country and sets off a nuclear war. I cannot find a flaw in their logic.


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After years of Democratic alarms, 0% of black Georgia voters report ‘poor’ experience voting.

The Zuckerberg-funded group the Center for Tech and Civic Life that gave out $420 million to election offices in 2020 is gearing up to do the same in 2024.

DePape cites “globohomo” on phone call to Oakland news channel. “I’m in the process of trying to set up a new site out of the reach of tyrannical globoHOMO fascists and their internet censors.” The hippie woman he lived with, Gypsy Taub, said he was a diehard leftist whose political beliefs were just like hers, then he disappeared for a year or two, nobody knew where he went, but when he came back he had mental problems.

Hunter Biden apparently turned his father’s Wilmington, Del. mansion into a high-powered and possibly compromised home office, wheeling and dealing with some of the same nations whose names have turned up in classified documents recently discovered at the home, according to experts and leaked cellphone texts.

Jesse Waters says the Bidens are all over FBI wiretaps talking to China because the FBI was investigating Patrick Ho, a Chinese bagman who eventually got caught for bribing African leaders and helping Iran evade sanctions.

Deep triggered – The CIA and Intelligence Community are very worried about the House Subcommittee on Federal Government Weaponization.

Stefanik wants to investigate whether FBI was keeping a limo company operational despite rafts of violations because the owner was an FBI intel asset. Like a taxi driver. They probably used the pervasive machine to guide targets to his company. It didn’t matter if his cars couldn’t make inspections, or even didn’t have brakes. Like Epstein, the owner was, “with intelligence.” And notice, he became an asset, and rose above the law, when he got busted for being a criminal. Stefanik is thoroughly comped, so don’t expect it to do anything however.

Biden’s notebooks from time as VP among items seized from Delaware home. If FBI is in the house and he was kicked out, you can bet they cloned every computer hard drive, whether they had a warrant or not. To intel, not having a warrant just means they can’t use it in court.

Background on Jack Maxey, who moved to Switzerland to get away from Cabal surveillance, so he could release some data or other from Hunter’s laptop which would blow everything open in two weeks:

Jack Forrester Maxey and his former wife, Talbott Maxey, come from old US media families (N.W. Ayer and Media General); they’re true blue-blood American aristocracy. Jack was raised in affluence in PA and graduated from Yale with a degree in History. Following his graduation, he was commissioned into the US Navy. After leaving the service, he worked for Phil Graham, who first served as a Democratic Congressman (1979–1983), then as a Republican Congressman (1983–1985), and finally as a Republican Senator from Texas (1985–2002).

… Phil Graham was a senior economic adviser to John McCain’s presidential campaign… In 2010, Graham said: “Joe Biden was one of my favorites in the Senate. Completely wrong, but a very sweet man.”

After Maxey’s political stint, he worked on Wall Street, “holding many positions in the alternative space of hedge funds and private equity.” He also spent time in Puerto Rico as an entrepreneur. In 2017, he returned from the cold and was ‘inserted’ into the conservative movement as a journalist. He traded his tuxedo for a western belt buckle and chowing Tobacco and published a few pieces for the Miami Standard and Big League Politics (two articles with Cassandra Fairbanks). By late 2018, he hit prime time as Steve Bannon’s co-host on the ‘War Room.’

DeSantis advisers prepare for potential presidential run, explore staff options.

AP whines : Republican lawmakers who have spread election conspiracy theories and falsely claimed that the 2020 presidential outcome was rigged are overseeing legislative committees charged with setting election policy in two major political battleground states.

Online system to seek asylum in US is quickly overwhelmed.

Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas smuggled 100,000 migrants into the U.S. through a hidden parole pathway. From the piece:

The NYT was given an official briefing on the pathway, which was name CBP One after many reporters were unable to explain the migration pathway.

The secret pathway delivers more than 240,000 illegal migrants into the U.S. per year under the disguise that they will be used as economically despite a 1986 ban on the corporate hiring of immigrants.

This is in addition to the 360,000 migrants per year that officials will bring in from Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua using the same hidden pathway.

Illegal crossings up 743%… in Vermont.

The White House on Friday said it has already approved around 16 million Americans for student debt relief ahead of Supreme Court debate on whether or not the program will be allowed to proceed.

Google exec fired after female boss groped him at drunken bash, tried to initiate an affair, suit says. It is easy to think it is just a horny woman looking for fun outside her marriage, but the environment may skew the statistical probabilities significantly, IMO. Two interesting points. He complained, and she was entirely bulletproof, and then he got fired. And then coworkers all around him sought to minimize everything to him, telling him it was just “Tiffany being Tiffany.” I think intel was testing him to see if he was promotable to a higher level, ie compromisable. The fact he had seven kids he was responsible for made it even better in the eyes of intel, as he would not want his family shattered if they got him. The other workers have the feel of fellow support staff in the conspiracy taking his temperature after the attempt, and then trying to cool this mark by minimizing it all to protect a fellow traveler before he began making noise to get her in trouble. Google ignored his complaint because it is an intel operation, and she was an intel asset following the orders of command, and thus was under protection.

Understand, Google is basically CIA-run, by assets CIA totally controls through blackmail and intimidation. It is rife with surveillance, assets, monitoring, and even probably some officers under covers. The search engine everyone uses is too powerful to be left any other way than thoroughly permeated and controlled. Everyone there is buried under surveillance, probably even more than me. Their kids are surrounded by kid agents in school. Their homes are constantly watched and eavesdropped on. He walked away thinking it was a lone promiscuous woman and woke culture that got him fired, when the reality was he was surrounded by intel at that party, and buried under surveillance, she was sent in by handlers, and multiple people were running it all from some control center. If he had banged her he would have been promoted up the ladder super-fast, and if he tried to be independent, like with Governor David Patterson, two guys would have walked into his office, pulled out graphic, close-up stills of the video from that night, and asked what his wife would have thought about him banging another woman. Probably something similar to how the boss could have been recruited, assuming she was not running surveillance for this thing as a child.

I look back on how clueless I was at 20, thinking you got ahead by working hard and being competent, when in reality you simply give the hidden watchers blackmail to make your career soar. I am just blown away at my cluelessness. But a fascinating case study. I tried to find a history on the woman, but there was nothing.

It is a shame, because if you are a normal person who just wants honest friends and to help good people succeed, as your skills are recognized honestly, you are kind of fucked. Because intel runs things, this world belongs to the kiddie diddlers, the adulterers, the druggies, the criminals, and others who do bad things and want them kept quiet.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson said Friday that Antifa “does not appear by accident” and intends to secure a political outcome in the wake of Memphis police releasing footage of a fatal altercation involving officers and a motorist. They are a production, put on by intelligence.

US paid $853 billion in interest on uts $31 trillion debt in 2022 – more than the US defense budget.

Pilots are dying at Southwest Airlines at over 6X the normal rate after the Covid “vaccine” rolled out.

Football player collapses suddenly after suffering from cardiac arrest during Beitostølen Cup in Norway.

Algerian football player drops dead during the ‘African Nations Championship’ match.

Wife of Wales’ First Minister Mark Drakeford dies suddenly.

Healthy father, just 47, suddenly drops dead while out for a morning jog due to a ‘catastrophic event’ – and one in five Australians are at risk of meeting the same fate.

A 9-year-old girl who suffered a cardiac event at Jay Peak Resort last month is recovering thanks to the quick response of park staff, a statement released by the resort said.

“Largest ever post-marketing vaccine study” from NZ finds link between Pfizer vaxx & acute kidney injury.

Mexico’s most famous UFO expert believes a photo of a sunset over a stadium near the US-Mexico border shows a flying saucer.

Buttigieg is dominating a poll of the NH State primary for Democrat Presidential nominee.

In the news again at ZD Net: Scientists use Wi-Fi routers to see humans through walls; Researchers demonstrate how Wi-Fi can be used for monitoring – and why it might actually be a good idea. 

One of five Tyre Nichols cops charged with murder was the president of Mississippi college fraternity that beat potential newcomers and paddled man’s testicles up to 200 times in sick hazing rituals. I really think Fraternities are gateways into becoming an asset of Cabal, and they are probably run by Cabal assets. I have no idea what to tell young guys looking for the path forward. You can either go for the successful career and join a fraternity, and try to navigate Cabal’s blackmail traps while protecting your soul, which will probably be tricky. Or you can try to fight on your own, which is vastly more difficult, and will see many doors closed to you. But either way, if you want to be in control of your own destiny, and make your own decisions, know, intel is everywhere, and it is trying to trick you before it will allow you success in the areas it controls. And if this guy was Cabal intel, I would not even assume he was a cop, or that there was a guy named Tyree Nichols. Both could be actors playing people who don’t even exist. The video was weird, in that you had cops using head strikes. There is no way to know what will happen when you hit somebody in the head. George Foreman could take a Mack Truck hitting him on the chin and shake it off, and Kimbo Slice got KO’d by a skinny kid who weighed 170, who tapped him on the temple with a jab done on one foot while he was push-kicking him to keep distance. And another guy can die from a minor blow on the spot. PD’s know that, and I would assume would discourage punching a guy in the head as hard as you can repeatedly, just like they discourage the far less dangerous application of pressure to carotid arteries in a choke. And although it is NPR and some of it is full of shit (it, itself will be part of the psyop), experts say nothing seemed to be by procedure in the arrest, which was a specialized unit stopping a car for unsafe driving.

Ask yourself this. We are coming up on 2024, and we know they want to unleash their criminal hordes, and keep Police afraid to patrol, or enforce the law. In the last election, these types of skits were routine on the runup, as a psyop to discourage Policing, and then they stopped in between 4-year elections. Now, on cue, comes a case of a guy who is stopped for a vague reckless driving accusation, he says as part of the dialog, “I just want to go home,” and then he is beaten by five officers in an arrest which conveniently happens right under a surveillance camera, perfectly framed. Nothing we are presented with is necessarily real. You are living in the biggest intelligence Psyop in all of history. There are no limits to how much we could being lied to and deceived.

Can a city bypass the PD civil service hiring process, or might this mean that they are Cabal assets/actors placed there for this production, and the below is just a cover story which isn’t plausible? And how did they all end up on the same elite team, patrolling together as a group on the same shift, instead of being paired off with regular officers who went through the normal process and were more trusted by the command? The city just hired a bunch of guys who couldn’t make it the normal way, gave them guns, and made them into a team of officers who were specially hired by the city?:

Department of Justice calls to bar Sam Bankman-Fried from contacting FTX employees after allegations of witness tampering.

Animal tranquilizer found in 90%+ of Philly drug supply, ‘Tranq’ is eating users’ skin leading to amputations. Is this kind of like Cabal vaxxing the leftists and government-followers, to get rid of them?

Massive fire mysteriously occurs at egg farm in Connecticut.

ChatGPT passes three-part US Medical Licensing Exam, the final test of the Wharton Business School MBA program’s Operations Management course, and four University of Minnesota Law School exams in Constitutional Law, Employee Benefits, Taxation, and Torts.

For those interested in comics technology, an AI is asked to create different types of Spiderman, like space-explorer Spiderman, or cowboy Spiderman, or Pirate Spiderman. They are interesting, but feel strangely cold, as if they lack a spark of something like a soul.

Last week, the US sought from North Korea the return of the navy ship USS Pueblo which they seized on January 23, 1968 after the House passed a resolution to get the vessel back after 55 years.

Jerusalem struck by second shooting in 24 hours.

Air Force General predicts U.S. will be at war with China in 2025: ‘I hope I am wrong.’

Britain led the world by pledging 14 Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine — but defence sources say it would be a nightmare if one was captured by Vladimir Putin’ since his military scientists would then be free to study the armor and how to defeat it.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday blasted the International Olympic Committee (IOC) over its stated desire to include Russian athletes in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Ukraine and its Western allies are engaged in “fast-track” talks on the possibility of equipping the invaded country with long-range missiles and military aircraft, a top Ukrainian presidential aide said Saturday. They want that world war with Russia.

Head of NATO Military Committee Admiral Rob Bauer says NATO is ready for a direct confrontation with Russia. Notice by woke-ifying our military and mandating the vax, they have made it so a war will proportionally kill more of their kind, and not our’s, just like the vax is killing more of their kind than our’s. Curious.

John Solomon the founder of Just the News has reported that Durham will now prepare to go after the FBI “and whether agents knowingly mislead the FISA court to obtain warrants to spy on members of Trump’s 2016 campaign.”

Donald Trump says he would build an “impenetrable dome” to protect the US from nuclear missile attacks as he also claimed he could end the Russian invasion of Ukraine “within 24 hours.”

Trafalgar poll, South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary, Trump 45%, DeSantis 30% Tim Scott 15%, Mikki Haley 1.8%. And those Trump voters are not going anywhere.

Trump says parents should get to elect school principals.

President Trump embarked on two campaign events Saturday; he was the keynote speaker at the New Hampshire GOP’s annual meeting, and then he swung by the South Carolina State House to introduce his 2024 SC leadership team for his campaign. 

Worker holds President Trump’s hand and prays for him in visit to Columbia, South Carolina restaurant, Zesto (video, photos).

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday slammed President Joe Biden’s handling of the presidency, vowing to take back the White House in 2024 and reverse what he said was a precipitous decline in the United States since the Democrat took office. “Joe Biden has put America on the fast track to ruin and destruction,” Trump told the small crowd, “and we will ensure that he does not receive four more years.” I hope we see something happen to shut down the voter fraud, because right now, it is looking like we are Charlie Brown being told Lucy won’t pull the football away this time.

President Trump’s visit to New Hampshire on Saturday, 1/28/23:




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DFT – Inflation Gauge Fell, Consumer Spending Down

Our brother Ricky Vaughn, who amassed a massive following on Twitter despite not being Cabal-approved, had been charged with interfering with an election for a satirical meme which told Democrats to vote from home by texting some number the name “Hillary.” It was clearly satire, and the charges punishment for being a blinding success. He is now going to trial, via the article here. Hopefully it is an open and shut acquittal. I don’t see what he is doing now, so if anybody knows any projects he is into which can be promoted, post them in the comments. Also if you have a solid, trustworthy source for his defense fund I will post it here. I saw he had a Gab, but I do not see any posts. Also worth noting, his Twitter account, like Vox Day’s is still suspended, despite Elon’s big reinstatement of suspended accounts. So it goes.

Kanye is now a subject in a battery investigation, after he stopped his car, got out, ran up to another car, and told a woman he said was “following” him to stop taking his picture, grabbed her phone, and threw it away. Interesting if he is now being gangstalked, and it is making the news.

Secret code hidden by woke programmers discovered to be still ‘shadowbanning’ Twitter users under Elon Musk.

Bodycam shows Paul Pelosi hammer attack at California home. It actually looks like he did have a crazy intruder. It is always possible these videos are faked, and the delay in releasing them was because they needed to create them. But if real, it is still interesting. I guarantee you the neighbors there are surveillance. That is how it works. This guy was picked up when he entered the neighborhood, and when he broke the rear glass door, surveillance knew exactly what was going on and let it happen. Capitol Police should have detected the break in, even if just through the security system, which was supposed to be monitored and should even have had a car nearby to intervene. But they did not. On the 911 call, he asks the operator if the Capitol Police are around, because they are responsible for his security, and should have been right there, and would have handled it discreetly. It kind of feels like Cabal wanted this to happen, and sent DePape in as a windup toy. Now I am wondering if the spark is gone, and Nancy wanted to be rid of him and called in a marker, or if Cabal saw some advantage to killing him, maybe to get Pelosi sympathy.

Video of David DePape breaking in to Pelosi’s house.

David DePape interrogation interview released – even DePape knew the 2020 election was stolen.

Some are saying they dumped the three Paul Pelosi videos and the Memphis PD/Tyree Nichols video, and were encouraging the Blacks to riot, to divert attention from the Pfizer video from Project Veritas.

Richard Spencer on Twitter, on the new Pfizer Project Veritas video: Has Project Verities ever done an “exposé” that wasn’t fundamentally fake?

While Cabal has been running out all their mouthpieces trying to claim the Project Veritas video was fake and the Pfizer director was just an actor, others digging have found pictures of him attending the med school listed on his LinkedIn.

Robert Malone notes: 1) Pfizer lawyers did not throw their Director of R&D Operations and Scientific Planning under the bus. 2) there is no denial of what he said. 3) No denial that he is Pfizer staff. 4) Swapping new spike sequences into original Wuhan-1 is technically gain of function research.

Fascist Google runs cover for Pfizer after Project Veritas bombshell video.

Youtube takes down Project Veritas video. Why would one corporation care , if another corporation in an entirely different field looks bad (and care enough to damage its own reputation with its users)? Especially if they are engineering more deadly viruses which would make the company billions if they escaped “accidentally.”

Azealia Banks endorses Ron DeSantis: Rapper says she feels ‘way safer’ in Miami than woke LA – and reveals she moved to Florida because the governor is ‘practical’ and ‘focused on the basic s***’. He is definitely enjoying Cabal support as opposition to Trump.

Treasury blocks House Oversight committee from Hunter Biden records: Refuses to provide House Republicans any suspicious activity reports it may have on foreign banking and other business transactions.

Insiders slam Ronna McDaniel for using RNC donor money as a ‘piggy bank’ – with $500,000 spent on an apartment and $75,000 on beauty and spa services – ahead of vote TODAY to decide her fate as party chair.

McDaniel wins reelection as RNC chair in contentious election.

More than a million undocumented immigrants gained driver’s licenses in California.

New Twitter files shows much-vaunted “Hamilton 68” tool for identifying Russian Twitter Bots was entirely fraudulent, despite all the glowing articles by big new outlets claiming it was evidence of Russian interference.

Blue Origin plans to fly an all-FEMALE crew into space next year – led by Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez.

The Marco Polo Group is editing documents found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia after COVID vaccination: “…headache, falls, & unsteadiness began 7 days after vaccination… Despite all rescuing efforts, 31 days after vaccination, brain death was confirmed & organ donation followed.”

Tributes paid to ‘kind and caring’ Macclesfield swimming teacher Mia Jennings, 19, who died suddenly from cardiac arrest.

This was a fascinating 4Chan post quoting this tweet reproduced below, on why the big anti-vaxxers like Berensom, Malone, Kirsch and even people like Adams, who look like they are Cabal mouthpieces, are being paid millions, while badmouthing the vaccines. Also interesting there is scientific research on the art of conning people:

Now that global vaccination is done, they won, they can admit that vaccines cause harm or even were ineffective.
It actually helps them to admit these things now.
It’s called “cooling the mark out”.
The mark is those who were aware.

US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) vow to block Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from sitting on the House Foreign Affairs Committee has hit an early snag, as he may not have the votes to do it, as Victoria Spartz and Nancy Mace signal they may support Omar.

Sailor says swarm of UFOs just big enough they could possibly have held a human buzzed around US Navy warship in way no human craft could.

Former Democrat mayor to get 7 years in prison for child sex crime charges.

A Colorado baker who won a partial U.S. Supreme Court victory in a case where he refused to make a cake for a gay wedding lost an appeal in another legal fight in which he rejected a request for a birthday cake celebrating a gender transition.

Tyre Nichols video released. Video was released, basically as two cops tried to get him in cuffs on the ground, he was able to force them off and stand, and almost break free and run off again, so first one cop and then another tried to use blows to the head to force him to comply. In the version with audio, you can tell all the cops are exhausted, and don’t have enough gas in the tank to wrestle. The most interesting part is that neighborhood has Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras on the poles, and you can tell somebody must be listening to a mic and monitoring it in real time, because they could tell something was happening, and so they panned the camera around to take a look at the beginning.

BBC headline : Tyre Nichols not seen to resist in police beating video. They are trying to put him in handcuffs, and he is just pulling his arms in front of him, standing up, and walking around trying to free his hands so he can run off, as they are trying to wrestle him down.

‘Bring a knife!’ Antifa tells protesters to ‘BURN IT ALL DOWN’ as Memphis cops prepare to release Tyre Nichols bodycam footage and federal buildings across the nation board up. Also known as a mostly peaceful protest.

It looks like Mount Pleasant High School in Rhode Island is soliciting donations from teachers to pay a debt to a cartel that trafficked a student.

Washington state is releasing Level-3 sex offenders called “the worst of the worst” by the federal government, includng convicted pedophiles that are likely to re-offend and they will be resettled into residential neighborhoods in halfway homes operated by a private company.

The Virginia teacher who was shot by her 6-year-old student texted a loved one before she was wounded that the the student said he had a gun in his backpack and administrators at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News weren’t helping.

Every U.S. military branch is struggling to meet its 2022 recruiting goals, and internal data shows only 9 percent of eligible Americans would even consider serving.

An urgent search is under way in Western Australia after a tiny capsule containing a radioactive substance fell out of the back of a truck between the town of Newman and the city of Perth in mid-January – a distance of roughly 1,400km (870 miles).

7 killed, several hurt in shooting at Jerusalem synagogue; terrorist shot dead. Like our mass shootings, we didn’t see it under Trump, and now they are back. And Israel, because it is “at war” must now be given more of our money. They are doing these as part of the Cabal plan, just like our shootings.

A deadly firefight in Israel today as nine Palestinian gunmen are killed in a firefight with Israeli soldiers.

Democrats move to deny visa to Brazil’s Bolsonaro, to enable his deportation.

North Africans terrorize German green university city.

In the European Union, bug additives are being put into food.

To fight President Emmanuel Macron’s pension overhaul, France’s most militant labor union is pursuing a radical strategy: cutting electricity to his political supporters and the wealthy while handing out discounted power and gas to the public.

Congressional Republicans and Asia policy experts are sounding the alarm over the Chinese Communist Party’s influence on K-12 education as well as colleges in America through what are called Confucius Classrooms and Confucius Institutes. Given what they are doing to kids with TikTok, clearly this is bad.

Pope Benedict issues warning from the grave, penned 16 essays to be released only after his death warns of radical manipulation, gender ideology, sexual perversion at Catholic seminaries, Western authoritarianism and other grave concerns.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has rejected the prospect of peace talks with Vladimir Putin while dismissing his Russian counterpart Thursday as a “nobody.”

A U.S. government body held a Congressional briefing plotting ways to break up Russia as a country, in the name of supposed “decolonization.” They want that World War.

The ‘game-changing’ deal among Western leaders to pump sophisticated tanks into the country to blast through the Kremlin’s invading forces has sparked fury in Moscow which has threatened to escalate the war beyond Ukraine’s borders. This is according to some EU asshole, but it is the fact he sounds pleased about this which indicates this is what they want – our kind in the West dying en masse so these assholes can take even more control over our countries and do even more corruption and crime.

The Russian army’s reported military advances in the Ukrainian city of Vuhledar could shore up strategic advantages in the Donbas region for all of 2023.

Sen. Mitt Romney on Thursday defended the continued aid that the United States is providing to Ukraine to defend itself against Russia, saying that as a country “we care about human life.” As young guys on both sides are fed into the meatgrinder for Cabal’s objectives.

Pentagon will increase artillery production sixfold for Ukraine.

Biden’s promise to send tanks delayed by lack of inventory. The US does not have 31 M1 Abrams available in its stockpile.

In a recent breakthrough, scientists have created a robot that can transition back and forth between solid and liquid states, allowing it to navigate through numerous obstacles and environments. T1000 here we come.

Twenty-five attorneys general and several other plaintiffs have sued the Biden administration asking the court to halt a federal ESG policy that prioritizes “woke” Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing that jeopardizes the retirement savings of 152 million workers, or two-thirds of the U.S. population.

Trump proposes big changes to public education, saying it’s been overtaken by ‘Radical Left maniacs.’

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