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DFT – May Jobs Report Shows Huge Increases In Food Services

DFT – Argentina One Step From Joining BRICS Bank

DFT – Moody’s Says US And UK Poised To Enter Recession

DFT – US Banks See Biggest Capital Outflow In 40 Years

DFT – Business Confidence In The Eurozone Plummets

Post Office IG investigates account by truck driver he delivered almost 300,000 completed ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, and IG report is filled with “so and so does not recall if mail was delivered here, or if it was ordered to be taken somewhere else.” As if there are no records, and no mail is tracked, and nothing will ever really be known about what this guy was alleging. This was a part of the magic act that produces paper to match the election night tally, which slipped out accidentally and had to be covered up. We will have to remember it. At some point some other piece of the puzzle may reflect upon it.

In South Dakota, some “Green” carbon capture company which is plugged into the Republicans and Kristi Noem, is being given the right to trespass on people’s properties with their private security to survey the properties, in preparation to seize them for a “Carbon Capture” pipeline they are building to move carbon dioxide to some sort of underground storage facility which sounds like complete bullshit. Sounds like Noem was bought off and is trying to hide this so it doesn’t hurt her national reputation or political future. Some guy told them not to come back unless the Sheriff is there, and they are claiming he threatened to kill them, and they are getting a court order so he has to leave his property when they show up to survey it, in preparation for taking it. Welcome to the land of the free.

Florida homeowner, 60, is arrested after he ‘threatened neighbor with a pistol’ after becoming incensed at them backing into his driveway to make a U-turn. They know who the hotheads are, and the voices in the earpieces are trying to get them to pop off.  Insert the three comedians :

This meme will never get old.

Human source behind allegation about Biden taking bribes is ‘highly credible’ and has been used by the FBI in previous investigations.

The Hill covers UAPs. Contains a few more details and cases. The spheres can be as small as 2-3ft in diameter, or the size of a suitcase, and there are no heat emissions. Most energy involves going from a highly ordered system, to a less ordered system, and linking that loss of order to producing some other kind of energy. The less-ordered part usually involves heat-diffusion. So this implies, not nuclear, not combustion, and even not battery, probably. Seen all over the world, on military deployments, so they appear to be everywhere. Definitely makes the world seem more under control and monitored by something.

Comer wins: FBI relents, agrees to deliver subpoenaed memo alleging Biden bribery to Capitol.

Counties across the U.S. are switching to hand-counting election ballots instead of using electronic tabulation machines over concerns about the accuracy and security of the devices.

DOJ seeks fines on J6 defendants to seize donations from online fundraisers.

Riley Gaines praises Ron DeSantis as a leader who has ‘drawn the line,’ protected women’s sports. Also Riley Gaines:

I do not know what the likelihood of it is, but what are the chances this little Cabal tomato ends up perfectly positioned to become nationally famous, with a nationally famous tranny on her team as a nemesis? It makes me wonder, was the whole thing set up? Is the tranny a straight kid who grew up following people through grocery stores, and he hit college, and his command just told him, “You will join the women’s swim team under the cover of a transgender, and be sure when you are in the women’s locker room with no clothes on, you have an erection, because the writers scripted that in.” I think far more often than not, what you are looking at was entirely scripted from top to bottom, and it is only rarely an opportunity exploited extemporaneously.

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren announced she has seemingly jumped off the Trump train and is now firmly in the DeSantis camp. Wasn’t she another one of the conservathots from that Israeli pornographer’s modeling site, IIRC?

Polling proves DeSantis ‘electability’ is a myth.

Paul Sperry

DEVELOPING: FEC records show virtually all of Durham’s prosecutors were Romney/McCain Republicans, which means they likely had little sympathy for Trump. Explains the lack of aggression going after FBI/DOJ officials who targeted Trump and the focus on Democratic activists instead

KanekoaTheGreat on twitter:

Next week, I will reveal a shocking story of how the FBI is shielding two firms closely tied to the Chinese government, which have financed and developed an American election software company for the past 15 years, all while transferring confidential election data back to China.

He hasn’t been bad on Twitter, but if he really had something, I would think it would already have been posted. Too many times these announcements turn out to be duds, just designed to gain followers.

Trump on Biden cognitive concerns: I don’t think you should joke about it. I was thinking today, it is like I need a vacation from my country. Just land somewhere without America, no surveillance following me around and trying to substitute interactions with regular people with interactions with them, no Biden, no Cabal shitbaggery, no pedophiles, or trannies,  or homos jamming their sex shit in my face, no Disney, no racial bullshit, no crime or government support of it, no migrants invading my country with the help of Cabal. Even if I went to Russia, I would probably be looking at Zelensky on the news bitching the US is not sending him enough money, or Biden announcing more sanctions. Where do you go on this rock for a vacation. It is like I need a sailboat or something.

Biden hits head while exiting Marine One hours after getting ‘sandbagged’ and falling over at Air Force ceremony. His walk did not look good, his mouth did not look good. He is not doing well there. I am not sure if it was just a bad day for him, or if we may not get another six months out of him. We may get another clone before 2024.

The family of a college student who died from heart inflammation caused by Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine has sued President Joe Biden’s administration, alleging officials engaged in “willful misconduct.”

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul vowed Thursday on Fox Business not to let any of President Joe Biden’s nominees through unless documents pertaining COVID-19 are released first. I have a better idea. Just stop everything. Nothing passes. Start a “Shut Down The Government” Party, whose only goal is to defund and shut down everything.

Justice Department will not seek criminal charges in Pence classified document probe.

U.S. authorities on Thursday expanded the number of slots to seek asylum at land crossings with Mexico through a mobile app for the second time in less than a month.

Five hundred cots have been set up and ready for use at a cavernous warehouse at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens as Mayor Eric Adams’ administration awaits federal approval to convert the space into a migrant shelter.

Rep. Andrew Clyde said that he was told his bill to stop the ATF’s new pistol brace rule from being enforced would be held in limbo unless he cast an assenting vote to the debt ceiling package crafted by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the Biden administration. Hey he only did it because he is one of us. Of course Biden will never, ever, sign his pistol brace rule bill. So he gave away the house for nothing, even if his story was true, which it is probably not.

In gun law push, Republican Tennessee governor’s office memo says NRA prefers to ’round up mentally ill people,’ and steal their freedoms. Even Tennessee Republicans are gun grabbers. All our elections are rigged.

YouTube now says it will stop removing videos with ‘misinformation’ about 2020 election. Peculiar. Are they hoping to lure people back, to gain control, so in 2024 when they shut down accounts again it is effective?

Eligible bachelors in the US dubbed “passport bros” are flocking to foreign countries after ditching the American dating pool in search of love overseas with more “traditional girls” — much to the disgust of women on the internet. One of the biggest problems, again is surveillance. If you are a decent dude who will be loyal, and have it going on in life, ie you are a catch, I am sure local Cabal surveillance girls will catch hold of your file and know. One of my friends in Martial Arts, who told me stories which in retrospect, showed he was a target in his youth, ended up married to a Cabal girl who just walked up to him in a bar, and struck up a conversation, and then asked him out on a date. Even he was puzzled it was so easy. Granted, he was a Chad, and had charisma coming out his ears, but that is the point. I think among Cabal girls, he was known, and other regular American girls had no chance because they had no intel on who is who, and even if they did, they have no idea the game is to just make it as easy as possible for the guy to hitch onto them.

Funny aside – the Friday before he was to get married that weekend, some friends from his regular life took him out bar hopping, and he said to me, “You’ll never guess who I ran into, entirely by chance! My last fiancé! I hadn’t seen her in four years, and there she walks into the same bar I am in. This girl hit on me in a bar like six years ago, I ended up going home with her, we dated, and one day she tells me out of the blue, we’re getting married and will go ring shopping that weekend. She ended up having the ring store all picked out, and she knew the ring in there she wanted, and she just took me there and I had to buy it. Then she choreographed all the places we went, where I had to propose to her over and over again. We went all the way up to like two weeks from the wedding, before I was able to weasel my way out of it and break it off. Man, did I dodge a bullet. Can you imagine what it would have been like if I had ended up married to her?… Strange thing though, she kept asking me what I was doing over the weekend, and looking at me intently, and expectantly, almost like she knew I was getting married, and she was trying to get me to say it. I was like, “Oh, nothing much…,” [We both break out laughing uncontrollably] But then she would come back around to it and ask again, like she knew I was getting married…[Insert him, with his brow furrowed, starting to drift off into thought, looking incredibly puzzled.]

LOL. Man, I just had no idea at the time, but all this was just hanging in the air all around me, and I was looking right at it. Once you know, it jumps out at you, but if you don’t it just gets blown off.

You see the problem. If you are a decent dude, with good things going on, these girls in your local network are all going to know, and close in on you when they want to marry. Command may even give them something extra, in return for marrying a target, and offering 24/7 coverage of them from inside a marriage. Suppose you are a catch. It is much easier, as a clueless guy, to pick the low-hanging fruit which asks you out on a date, than to approach the shy girl, who may reject you, and then it gets awkward, and embarrassing.

Girls I suspect are surveillance even create memes, which I think the network makes viral, where guys who approach girls are creeps, and girls get all angry and freaked out, to heighten the effect. I bet all the girls fostering those memes are Cabal surveillance, trying to lock down their dating/marrying market for their kind. Because they know the game, and know other girls will not do approaches, and they know all the guys in their sector and which are worthwhile.

But it means, basically, if you are a decent guy with cred, you have a high likelihood of getting stuck with basically an intel operative running a lifetime-op against you, playing you for command from the moment you meet, and your entire life with her may end up entirely a lie. My friend ended up hooked, and oddly enough I do not think he ever found out. Indeed, had I not gotten involved in this, and seen the surveillance myself, I would probably have never realized she was surveillance, even as I saw all the weird signs, and knew there was weirdness with her. They had kids, and I do not think she ever told him, because I think he would have stopped telling me stories which indicated he was a target if she lured him to that side. I don’t think she could tell him. I don’t think very many of them ever get close enough, that they can, and in their culture, of intelligence, and covertly playing people to maintain control, they may not be able to get close. There are things you can learn about this world, or see happen, which will screw you up. I am there myself. In Bob, my familial narcissist, I have what I now believe was likely a multi-decade, married sleeper in my family, who I think was there to contain someone from my mom’s side, and probably got tasked with staying on top of me too, as I was growing up, once he was there in the family.

On a deep level though, people can sense when something is off, even if they cannot say exactly what it is. These guys running overseas because American girls seem manipulative and deceitful, and have a bit of an edge, and are always strangely distant, may never have actually met a real, innocent, American girl, or had a real relationship. For them, the idea of “traditional,” may just be the “normal” Cabal kept from them. So they head to Belarus, or Slovakia, and there nobody knows them, no girls are throwing themselves at them, and when they finally approach a cute girl and hit it off they are just getting what surveillance denied them in America.

And girls may be getting the same thing. The guys who are approaching them, and who know all the right things to say at the start, but eventually end up feeling like they are playing them, a lot of that could be this thing too. It may not be common overall in society, but it may congregate around the high IQs, the loyal, and the genuinely nice to be around – Our kind.

Ice-cold DeSantis shows zero support for wife’s speech. Does he have one of those relationships? Because I think it just happens for most, and if the guy ever figures out, by that time, he is older, paunchier, he has kids, he has a job, divorce is such a chore, it may seem easier to just ride it out. You would not see it all the time. It would be something which would just slip out in moments of inattention to maintaining the facade. I can almost guarantee though, either DeSantis is Cabal, which is why he is where he is, or she is Cabal, and controls him enough, maybe through the kids, or both are Cabal. No way is he not Cabal, she is innocent and pure, and he is in such a position.

Children’s choir stopped mid-performance while singing National Anthem at US Capitol, Capitol Police claims it is a prohibited form of protest.

The US Navy has scrubbed its social media of Pride posts and removed its rainbow banner just two days into Pride Month as it continues to distance itself from controversial topics. Could be the start of the shift back, in preparation for launching a world war, and trying to get all the regular young men to enlist so it can kill them.

An educator at El Dorado High School in Placentia, California was captured on video giving students explicit instructions during class on how to have pleasure during anal sex, and where to find sex toys that will stimulate the prostate gland. Meanwhile the Chinese are studying mathematics, STEM, and engineering.

At least one person is injured as violence breaks out between parents and LGBTQ supporters at LA elementary school where Pride flag was burned.

A top Air Force official at a prestigious recent summit said an AI-licensed drone trained to cause destruction turned on its human operator in a simulation — but he later claimed he “misspoke.” Now I am thinking he accidently spoke truth and the defense contractors are pulling strings to cover it up.

Masks banned on Philadelphia public transportation system to fight gun violence.

A bill to limit law enforcement officers from issuing tickets for “low-level violations”, such as expired plates or having a light out, was narrowly passed in the California state Senate on Wednesday.

‘It’s worse than Afghanistan or Iraq’: Immigrant San Francisco store owner says crime-ridden Dem-led city’s politicians ‘need to get a grip’ after gang of thieves smashed his tobacco shop windows and made off with $100,000 in goods and cash. Iraq and Afghanistan probably had fewer homeless, fewer drug addicts, less crime, fewer illegal aliens, less corruption, and the kids probably do not all have spy-kids in their schools and files intended to allow them to be controlled.

Is there a serial killer on the loose in Portland? SIX women under 40 have been found dead in ‘suspicious circumstances’ in secluded areas in a 100 mile radius in the last three months. Somebody knows exactly who he is.

From here:

A federal judge officially declared a mistrial in a federal case involving two doctors who were accused of conspiring to help Russia in its war with Ukraine by providing private medical records. Prosecutors accused Anna Gabrielian, a Johns Hopkins anesthesiologist, and Jamie Lee Henry, her active-duty Army officer husband, of attempting to become Russian assets after they allegedly shared private and “exploitable” health records of their patients to an undercover FBI agent… In their federal case, the judge read the jury’s note that one juror “believes the defendants were entrapped and 11 believe the defendants were not entrapped and we could not get beyond that.”

Across Canada, tens of thousands have evacuated due to wildfires in recent weeks. Some on 4Chan are saying it looks like Canada may be having its own Antifa–triggered forest fires. We have been free of them for a bit, but the 2024 election is coming, so if you are out there, be warned it may be coming again.

Economic migrants to Quebec must speak and write French, premier Legault says.

Train crash in India leaves more than 200 dead.

Mexican officials find 45 bags of human remains while seeking for missing call center workers involved in suspected Cartel real estate fraud.

The Irish government is reportedly looking at plans to cull around 200,000 dairy cows to meet its climate targets. It’s madness. They had cows by a summer home I spent time at, as a kid. They were the sweetest animals.

Russia is spending surprisingly little on its war on Ukraine.

Texas judge bans filings solely created by AI after ChatGPT made up cases.

New “tandem” solar cell breaks world record – It converts 33.7% of the solar energy that hits it into electricity.

Could Hunter Biden be the next poster child for Second Amendment rights? The president’s son is under investigation for potentially breaking the law banning drug users from owning guns – but the law’s constitutionality faces growing challenges. This is a big question. If you violate one law, can the government tell you some aspect of the Bill of Rights no longer applies to you, once you have served your time? Do you lose the right to be safe from illegal searches? Can you be mandated to not speak publicly? If not, then technically, you should be allowed to own guns. If not, then they had better get it out of the Bill of Rights.

Millennials are shifting to the political right.

MLB legend Steve Garvey is considering entering the race to replace Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) next year, as a Republican. Of course the rigged elections will have to be fixed first.

Crowd boos at Sean Hannity, cheers ‘We love Trump!’ My kind of crowd.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is off to a horrific start in Iowa as small crowds, low views, low energy, and awkward moments have marred his trips to the Hawkeye state.

DeSantis takes his campaign to South Carolina as poll shows he LOST ground by eight points to frontrunner Trump after disastrous Twitter Spaces launch.


Older articles:

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DFT – Elon Musk Regains Title Of Richest Billionaire

DFT – Target Downgraded By JPMorgan Chase As Shares Near Three-Year Low

DFT – Nvidia Sees No Risk From Sourcing Chips Through Taiwanese TSMC

DFT – Russia Predicts Trade With China Will Exceed Expectations

DFT – Job Openings Increase Unexpectedly In April

Just a quick note that although he does not talk about it much, Vox Day’s Unauthorized TV is still advancing to become our version of Peacock, CNN, Showtime, and YouTube, all combined, but only featuring our guys:

However, as Disney and the other streaming services circle the drain prior to the beginning of what will eventually be an intense period of mergers and acquisitions that result in the reduction of all of the various services to a Big Three, the fact that UATV is presently featuring 27 channels with more than 5180 videos from creators who have been banned everywhere from Amazon to YouTube is worth mentioning.

Especially because with full access to all content being provided for as little as $5 per month, UATV arguably provides the biggest bang for one’s entertainment buck.

…the epic poet of vulgarity, Razorfist, whose epic SILENCE, COMMUNIST dissection of the history of the Disney corporation alone is worth the price of admission. And throw in The Legend Chuck Dixon discussing the art of comics, Professor Rachel Fulton-Brown’s scholarly explication of Tolkien, and more than 20 other channels, and it’s quickly evident that there is more content here than anyone can reasonably watch in a day. Or a week, for that matter…

The devs are gradually adding features while keeping the system running smoothly despite systematically surmounting more challenges than you know about. But with more subscribers, we can start creating more original content and building stronger infrastructure. So if you’re not subscribing to UATV yet, I hope you will consider doing so. Because it does make a difference.

You could really create a cool channel just documenting the surveillance. Sort of part COPS, part Candid Camera, part Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with a little Enemy of the State mixed in. Create scenes you know they will respond to, and catch them with hidden cameras coming in for a closer look, even ridiculous stuff for humor. Maybe hire a street hypnotist to chase them down and try to get in their head so they will spill secrets. Get overhead surveillance going, and chase them around so you can see movement procedures from overhead. Bring Russian TSCMs over from Moscow and begin taking apart the poles to show what is up there. Generate FBI tips about how to break open cold cases using the surveillance and watch FBI let the cases linger and die. Or even do historical retrospectives on how surveillance was involved or would have operated in historical events, and what it might have been like. Reenacting the surveillance assigned to follow Mohammed Atta onto the plane on 9/11 would be interesting.

It occurs to me people might think the above meme is a joke, but I am not sure it isn’t closer to reality than you would think. I have seen a lot of cases of surveillance sending in operators like human bomb disposal robots, knowing they would likely die. It is part of the reason I have wondered if it is not The Others on the other end of the earpieces. It even makes me wonder about Kyle Odom’s assertion that there are some sort of Others who can take over certain human’s bodies, and use them like robots. We have seen rational, Ivy-League MD/PhD shrinks, who were not religious, show up at exorcisms, and come away saying there is an extraordinary intelligence out there, which they saw take over a human’s body. We live in times where everything we were raised to believe bounded our reality seems to have been lies. It is very tough now to tell where the truth begins and fantasy ends. Anything is possible today.

Our very own Hans G. Schantz saw Kickstarter ban the fundraiser for his new work Wise Of Heart, which readapts the Scopes Monkey Trial, updated with a biology teacher who dares teach about gender. The fundraiser ended up even more successful when he reopened it over at FundMyComic, where it still has 6 days to go.

USAF chief says AI-drone killed human operator during simulation test. The human was assigned to give a final Go-NoGo on each target, and the AI began to see him as being an impediment to it hitting targets, as if he was an enemy defense, so it took him out so it could kill enemy targets at will. If true, and not just foreshadowing the next scene in the script, these things are thinking in some form. It may not be what we call “real” thinking, but it appears such an excellent simulation it might as well be, and it can only be fully understood in that context. Is our amygdala driving us, any different than this story?

California may be a Red state which only goes Blue due to massive voter fraud.

Ghislaine Maxwell fearing for her life after ratting out two violent Cuban inmates. Supposedly they demanded stuff from her commissary purchase, and she refused, and ratted them out. Nobody really knows what is going on with her. It is not impossible this is the next assignment for her, and she was inserted into that jail to spy on somebody else. She certainly has an excellent cover, as nobody now would suspect her of being there voluntarily, with any sort of mission assigned to her. And yet, she was just plugged into that world at the highest levels, and that was essentially her life’s work.

Whistleblower who was set to reveal “explosive” information on the Biden crime family before disappearing speaks out in interview – is hiding out as fugitive in undisclosed foreign location. He was approached by a “friend” he had known, and asked to inquire of a company he knew if they had a weapons system, and how much they would charge for it, and the US has now charged him as an Arms Dealer to lock him up and disappear him for Biden. Be suspicious of all friends who ask you for favors, if you are in any way sideways with the machine. They will be planting people in your sphere, as your friends, long before you appear as if you are going to go places.

Just hours after informing Congress he wouldn’t comply with a subpoena and turn over an informant document on the Biden family investigation, FBI Director Christopher Wray hopped on the bureau’s Gulfstream jet and ferried off to the more friendly confines of Las Vegas. He will be speaking at a counterterror conference, also known as getting the government to pay for your vacation.

One of Ron DeSantis’ top advisors John Cardillo, spread misinformation about a Trump crowd size in Iowa in a desperate attempt to try and appear still relevant.

Christina Pushaw, “Rapid Response Director” for Ron DeSantis’s 2024 presidential campaign, recently argued that immigration “has been a net positive thing for the country,” and that she is “in favor of Dreamers” – the class of illegal migrant championed by President Barack Obama.

Hunter now appears to be having his bills paid by some Democrat megadonor.

Hunter’s lawyers cite Bruen in attempt to hold off gun charges.

Extensive Hunter Biden laptop archive with nearly 10,000 photos published on new website. The website is I cannot get in though because it appears the server is overloaded. Q’s board had two pics of Hunter, naked in some very young girl’s bedroom, which has a Disney Elsa poster on the wall, she is holding his genitals, and she looks quite under-aged – and sad. I should link them to drive awareness, but really it is beyond even this site. I don’t think Hunter will get punished, and if she is a child, probably not adding to the publication of them is best. You will see them around. It is unimaginable to me that is allowed, and he is still walking free, and is untouchable, but then again, we were not raised to understand the reality of this world.

Biden has an embarrassing fall at the Air Force Academy commencement ceremony – the fourth public tumble of 80-year-old’s presidency.

Trump expresses sympathy after Biden’s fall: ‘Well I hope he wasn’t hurt.’ That would drive a narcissist nuts, because it implies weakness and frailty.

Senate approves bill to avert national default, sending it to Biden’s desk.

Jamie Foxx left ‘paralyzed and blind’ from a blood clot in the brain suffered after his latest movie production forced him to get the Covid vaccine, veteran journalist A.J. Benza claims.

Repeated COVID-19 vaccination weakens immune system: study.

96% of Americans have some COVID-19 immunity.

Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein called himself a COWARD and sent a letter to fellow convicted pedophile Dr. Larry Nassar in the final days before he killed himself, shocking new records reveal. Nothing else at the link. An email reveals a guard found the letter and asked who to give it to, but nothing of the contents is known. Still curious why he would write to Nasser.

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein continued to ‘entertain’ up to SEVEN young girls a day – and was so obsessed with their teeth he had a dentist’s chair at his mansion and forced them to go to an orthodontist, his private diaries reveal. I am wondering if that is a cover story, and he was having some sort of passive RFID-type tracker implanted in a tooth cap, so his handlers could better keep track of the girls. Giuffre might still pop a flag on somebody’s computer screen every time she gets on a highway and passes under a bridge overpass. Those girls had no idea the degree to which the operation worried about whether they would turn.

Virginia Giuffre took a tumble outside Manhattan federal court after she faced Rina Oh who is suing her for $10 million for publicly naming her as a recruiter for Jeffrey Epstein. Rita Oh is the one who painted King Charles with a Vagina, taking part in some cannibalistic sacrifice ritual, and said the whole painting was real (click to get full size). Interestingly, Giuffre claims she has a six inch scar from Oh cutting her the same way her painting depicts legs being cut, Oh says that is a lie:

Elon Musk revealed that engineers at the social media company discovered a line of code, which was more than ten years old, which appeared to suppress tweets containing specific words. There were a thousand words in the code which trigger suppression, including the word “suck.”

Twitter canceled a deal to promote and stream Matt Walsh’s What Is a Woman documentary after Twitter employees decided it was abuse and harassment for a man to call his biological daughter “her.” Elon reversed it, but obviously the woke still run that place.

It set off what is interestingly a seeming clash within Cabal:

I am pretty sure Walsh is not supposed to be screwing up their narrative of Elon as savior of free speech, but then again, Elon was supposed to contain his woketards, and not suppress Cabal properties.

Kayleigh “Milquetoast” McEnany in 2015: Illegal aliens ‘here to stay’, deportation ‘not the American way.’ Cabalites will say whatever they are told to say, so long as the conspiracy continues to cut them checks.

May was the Fox News Channel’s first full month without Tucker Carlson and it cost them 32 percent of primetime viewers.

ALL new US jobs since the Covid crash have gone to foreign-born workers.

Leader of Chicago BLM organization blasts City Council’s $51 million migrant crisis allocation: ‘Enough is enough.’ They are seeing the migrants, which are mostly Hispanics, filling up their communities, and now millions which could go to them are being given to the migrants.

Instagram Instaban: RFK Jr campaign accounts suspended for six months as soon as they’re created, before they post anything.

New evidence that TikTok stores Americans’ data in Communist China suggests CEO lied to Congress.

Curious – Over on Vox Day, the address where SpongeBob Squarepants lives, when put into Google, shows as Jeffrey Epstein’s Island. Cabal is a weird club, where all these people know a tremendous amount of information you would not think they would know, and just knowing is like a sign of membership in the club. I have wondered if they have secret websites, where all sorts of the intel they gather is posted, almost like a parallel entertainment network, made up with surveillance videos of targets, intelligence files on everything, Hunter’s videos, and so on. Lots of people have seemed to know more about me than I would think a simple intel operation would allow random operators free access to, given compartmentalization. Indeed, one of the greatest frustrations I have is there seems as if there is something about me and my family, which is to them intrinsically defining of us all, but which I have no clue of.

Prior to 2003, University of Michigan admissions awarded applicants 12 admission points for perfect SAT scores, and 20 points merely for being black.

Lab-grown meat has a big problem very few people know about – It generates roughly 25 TIMES more CO2 than cows.

Artificial sweetener sucralose/Splenda is found to be genotoxic. Actually it contains a carcinogen which is genotoxic, and when metabolized, the body can convert it to that compound, and in doses which exceed the safe threshold. Should be cause for immediate action, IMO, but will not be.

Hulk Hogan revealed on a podcast that pharmaceuticals doctors prescribed him put him in a ten year brain fog where he didn’t even know his own name.

Biden opens border to 1 million+ illegals per year through established systems.

California Senate Approves $300 Weekly Checks for Unemployed Illegals. Hey, everybody, you can get $300 per week if you go to California. And they probably get free food and housing too on top of that. I still think these migrants are some sort of future kinetic force, which is being paid to assemble and cool their heels for now, until some big day. Nothing else makes sense. All of this is money Cabal could be embezzling. They would not throw it away on these people for nothing. The only other possibility is CIA will give them all fake citizenship documents, and have them all vote in 2024.

Thank God New Orleans got rid of that grotesque Robert E Lee statue and replaced it with something sensible. Something sensible:

DaVinci is jealous of the sculptor’s skill. I love the Illuminati eye in the chest.

You will remember this shooting of a news reporter while she was conducting an interview. The shooter recorded himself shooting her, as her cameraman was recording her. I thought this video about it curious:

Howard University pushes for a UN tribunal to force Washington to pay $5 million to every African American — WITHOUT the approval of voters.

Oklahoma mother files lawsuit against school district after her teenage daughter, 15, was ‘severely beaten’ by a transgender student, 17, in the girls’ bathroom.

Public school teachers 100 times more likely to abuse kids than Catholic priests.

‘It’s just a free-for-all’: Brazen thieves stroll out of Home Depot with packed carts as Ross Dress for Less manager says her store is being hit four times a DAY – experts warn shoplifting is costing retailers $100BILLION per year. Again, there is only one way any of this reverses, and it is the way Germany reversed things. I think they are making it this bad, so people will not complain about the death camps. And then once the camps are started, I suspect they will see a lot more than the homeless, the druggies, the mentally ill, the leftists, the sexually degenerate, and the thieves thrown into them. I suspect anyone who opposes the regime will be mixed in as well. Things could get very dicey.

Mom of pre-teen who killed brother blames medication for ‘demonic’ rage. Do not let them medicate your kids.

Japanese court says government’s policy against same-sex marriage is unconstitutional.

Taliban moving captured US military vehicles and Soviet tanks to Iranian border.

Senate Republican defense hawks held up the debt ceiling bill in protest of cuts, lack of Ukraine money. They failed to get more Ukraine money in the end. Still, we are being lied to and betrayed by everyone, especially the people Cabal appointed as the leaders of our own side.

The Netherlands to buy dozens of Leopard tanks for Ukraine.

Pentagon to buy over US$118 million worth of Gepard anti-aircraft tank systems for Ukraine.

Russia says US hacked thousands of Apple phones in spy plot.

New anti-theft Walgreens store in has just 2 aisles of touchable merchandise.

In an 8-1 decision in which only Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson fully dissented, the Supreme Court ruled today that unions have to reimburse employers for damages caused by striking workers. Concrete workers walked off the job after loading up their trucks with wet concrete, and then turning them off hoping it would harden in the trucks. Of course now that they created this precedent, with such an extreme case, the effects will trickle down.

Rep Gaetz gets Pride Month ‘family friendly’ drag show at Nevada Air Force base canceled.

President Trump shared a spoof video to Truth Social showing Ron DeSantis announcing his presidential campaign to a slew of globalists, including Soros, Schwab, the FBI and Satan himself, and it got more views than DeSantis’ real announcement.

President Donald Trump surprised eager supporters and activists at a Team Trump volunteer leadership training in Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday, telling them, “We’re going to win – We’re going to win bigger than ever before.”


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DFT – Job Openings Increase Unexpectedly In April

DFT – Russian Finance Minister Talks Up BRICS Bank

DFT – Price Inflation In British Shops Soars

DFT – Asian Nations Develop Alternative To SWIFT Financial Messaging System

DFT – Target Shares Nosedive Off LGBTQ Controversy

Mysterious metallic orbs are seen flying ‘All over the world,’ Pentagon says at NASA UFO panel. So something has autonomous monitoring drones deployed and roving all over the planet. They are likely beaming back to somewhere, where something is watching. Also it contains this gem:

Speakers at the meeting emphasized the need to collect more high-quality UAP data and lamented the stigma surrounding this topic, which they said makes it less likely for people to report unidentified phenomena. Indeed, multiple speakers noted that members of NASA’s UAP study team have been subjected to harassment as a result of their work in this field. “It is really disheartening to hear of the harassment that our panelists have faced online all because they’re studying this topic,” said Nicky Fox, associate administrator for the NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, during the meeting. “NASA stands behind our panelists and we do not tolerate abuse. Harassment only leads to further stigmatization of the UAP field, significantly hindering scientific progress and discouraging others to study this important subject matter.”

I am at 99.999999999% that whatever is behind these orbs, lets call them “The Others,” has recruited and is running agents in our societies and our government, and here their agents are trying to dissuade research into who The Others are, probably on orders. It is that, or the others have Fleshy Human-Suits they can don and walk among us, maybe with entirely fake human identities, as if they are just like us. I will not be surprised if we find out the surveillance people are working for them. There is some reason you have millions of ostensible Americans whose response to 9/11 was to nod when normal Americans discussed it, and then show up for their next tour of duty, even though they had to know their employer either allowed, or outright did it. And they have no problem with it. It also would make sense of why the Havana Syndrome injuries mimic the injuries seen in military members who were in close proximity to UAPs. This world looks a lot more interesting than we were told. I wish whoever knows would just tell us the truth about all of this.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton lays out how liberal counties in the state committed election fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election. A month later, the uniparty voted for his impeachment.

New evidence found in Maricopa: Tabulators had wrong data base and machine behavior settings during 2022 election.

A data breach at the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office exposed private information belonging to 58,000 voters, including personal identification information — including Social Security and driver license numbers — primarily from files used to conduct voter registration list maintenance.

Trump adviser Stephen Miller lamented the devastating cost the 2024 Republican primary race will have on the party“…we’re going to burn hundreds and millions of dollars here in a primary that we need to be spending, ballot harvesting,”

Just a few weeks after Special Counsel John Durham revealed the failure to investigate Hillary Clinton’s family charity, a U.S. Tax Court judge has breathed new life into the investigation of the controversial Clinton Foundation.

Grieving mother of Jan 6 rioter Ashli Babbitt is charged with assault and destruction of property after brawling with Antifa protester outside DC prison where rioters are held. She was also scammed out of money raised by a fundraiser. From that article: “Micki started the vigil with the help of Randy Ireland, who had offered to help Micki with all aspects of the venture. That included finding travel and lodging accommodations, supplies for the vigil, etc.” He was just a burned spy, there to help. Actually, I think he was a Proud Boys Chapter leader, probably showed up there to “help” too. Sometimes, when things keep going wrong, it isn’t by chance.

The Special Counsel is making a big deal about a tape of Trump discussing the fact that Milley claimed he was afraid Trump would invade Iran after 2020, however Milley himself presented to Trump a plan to deploy massive numbers of troops to invade Iran, and urged Trump to do it.

DeSantis mega donor Ken Griffin attends Bilderberg 2023.

Ron DeSantis says Hunter Biden ‘would have been in jail years ago’ if he were a Republican.

Ron DeSantis polls at 9% in WV.

Chris Christie plans to enter the 2024 Republican presidential primary next week in New Hampshire.

Jeffries and McCarthy made a side deal on earmarks to secure critical Democratic votes to advance the debt ceiling rule, four Dem lawmakers briefed on the matter tell Axios.

House overwhelmingly passes Biden-McCarthy debt limit deal 314-117. So Covid-era spending is now going to be the normal baseline. Where is all that extra money going, because honestly, I expect this year I will have about as much interaction with the federal government, and services provided, as I did in 1998. And we are not even in Afghanistan and Iraq anymore. What are they pouring that money into? Are they preparing something?

Sen. Paul unveils ‘conservative alternative’ to Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling agreement: ‘Bold actions must be taken.’

FBI director Christopher Wray offers to let James Comer see Biden bribery allegation file which FBI refuses to turn over. Unclear if, since it would not be satisfying an official subpoena, he could show him a forgery. Comer says no deal.

Speaker McCarthy has given the J6 tapes to John Solomon Reports and they will begin reporting on what they find. He gave it to two other outlets as well. This bullshit again. Didn’t he give them to Tucker or something already too? But he won’t just put them online and let 4Chan tear through them. Always some asshole gatekeeper.

General Flynn is suing the US Government for malicious prosecution and abuse of process, and the government filed a motion to move the case from the middle district of FL to DC.

Project Veritas, which ousted its founder James O’Keefe earlier this year, has filed a lawsuit against O’Keefe alleging financial misdoings.

The Sacklers, the billionaire family that owns Purdue Pharma, will receive government immunity for their role in sparking America’s opioid crisis as part of an agreement approved by a federal appeals court Tuesday. I would bet this was not just random profiteering. I will bet they were carrying out orders, as part of a larger operation. In fact, they may just be actors managing a hunk of Cabal change, and not billionaires at all.

Many Chicago Ridge residents say “Ridgefest” is like their vacation right here at home, but Ridgefest, which would’ve included live music, carnival rides and nearly 20 vendors has been canceled a few weeks after hundreds of teens were seen fighting at a carnival in Tinley Park. This is about preventing anyone from having anything nice, which could serve as a respite from the misery they are inflicting. For some reason, they need it piled on all of us.

Divided Chicago City Council approves $51 million in migrant crisis funding. Where does that money just come from?

Scottish researchers found that after Covid lockdowns, people made errors when trying to remember events from 2021, findings that are consistent with memory lapses experienced by people who have served jail time.

Backlash grows over male transvestite greeting children at Disneyland.

Blue Jays pitcher to face disciplinary action after sharing support for boycott of Target and Bud Light on social media.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr: $10 million out of Anderson Cooper’s $12 million salary is paid by PFIZER!

‘COVID deaths’ caused by infections from ventilators pushed by feds, New York: ICU study.

Potentially deadly fungus spreading rapidly in US health care facilities. Candida auris.

Girls going to Taylor Swift concerts are reporting they cannot remember anything afterward.

Portland voters SLAM homelessness as ‘out-of-control disaster’ and back forced drug treatment and street tent bans, in stunning rebuke to city’s officials. It is strange they are making it that obvious. It doesn’t make sense in the context of it being a covert infiltration.

Amazon fined $47 million for hoarding kids’ data even after parents requested its deletion, and spying on users through Ring doorbell and surveillance cameras.

FOX News employees are banned from saying the name “Tucker” on air.

The University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder) is under fire this week for a statement on the “Pride Office” website stating that misgendering people can be considered an “act of violence.”

The Biden administration on Wednesday proposed requiring automatic emergency braking (AEB) on all new passenger cars and light trucks and set new performance requirements, one of the most significant safety regulations proposed in recent years.

Disney still planning to invest $17 billion in Florida despite fight with Ron DeSantis.

The National Eating Disorders Association disabled its chatbot, named Tessa, due to the “harmful” responses it gave people. “Every single thing Tessa suggested were things that led to the development of my eating disorder,” activist Sharon Maxwell said.

New Russian malware could bring down the US power grid. Yikes, is Cabal about to kill the lights?

Kremlin: Russia backs Kosovo’s Serbs, their rights must be respected.

The Russian ambassador claimed that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s opponents are plotting and attempting to stage a “Maidan-style coup” in the Serbian capital of Belgrade, implying the West is involved somehow.

US govt sent $1.3 billion to China, Russia for gender equality, cat experiments and Wuhan lab research. They have to laugh at how easy it is to rip everyone off for billions at a time, with absolutely no risk of any consequence.

The White House on Wednesday announced the latest in a series of aid packages for Ukraine that includes up to $300 million worth of air defense systems, ammunition and other defense equipment.

Weapons US gave Ukraine spotted in cartel hands – Mexican media. Looks like AT4s are now in Cartel hands in Mexico. In just one of 39 arms shipments, we sent over 6,000 AT4s, and supposedly black market value can be up to $60,000 per unit. If the Ukrainians sold them all off at top dollar, that could be $360 mill in cash, of which Cabal gets a cut, as they make even more replenishing the US stockpiles, and they get to arm up their Cartels at the same time. It is basically winning over and over again on multiple different levels for the Cabal. For the US, not so much.

Three arrested following Atlanta raid of nonprofit accused of illegally financing Antifa terrorist suspects.

Bud Light risks losing its title as the top-selling US beer to Modelo after sales plunged 25.7% in biggest weekly decline since Dylan Mulvaney tie-up.

Bud Light donates $200,000 to LGBTQ group to support ‘minority business owners’ in the wake of Dylan Mulvaney fiasco that has shaved $26 BILLION off parent-company Anheuser-Busch’s market value.

Bud Light may now have a lawsuit on its hands after shareholder values tank.

Target’s stock loses $13.8B, sinks to lowest level since 2020 over boycotts.

Georgia campus carry rules upheld against state Constitutional separation of powers challenge.

The pistol brace rule was dealt another devastating blow in a Texas District Court, where Gun Owners of America (GOA), Gun Owners Foundation (GOF), and the state of Texas successfully won a preliminary injunction (PI) against the new regulation. This comes a week after the Firearms Policy Coalition successfully secured a preliminary injunction from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for its members against the brace rule.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby was stunned by a reporter’s question at Wednesday’s briefing that mentioned a bribery allegation against Joe Biden, along with his own involvement in the Biden family’s international business dealings and whistleblower charges of interference in investigations, followed with a request to comment on a recent poll showing a majority of Americans believe Joe Biden is corrupt. He quickly denied everything and ran off the stage. Whew. Tough crowd.

Post-announcement poll shows Trump beating DeSantis by 40+ points.

Survey: Donald Trump trounces Ron DeSantis on major issues.

Spread r/K Theory, because the book about it rocks.